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Warzone Pacific: Players Want Loadout Drop Changes Reverted

The new Pacific update has altered when Loadout Drops come and Warzone players absolutely hate the changes!

Warzone Pacific is a breath of fresh air for the game. The new map, Caldera, is just one of many changes developer Raven Software has made.

In fact, Raven made huge changes to gas masks, Dead Silence, the Gulag, and more for Caldera. However, it is the alteration to loadout drops that has got the community worked up.

In fact, these changes have gone down so badly that prominent members of the Warzone community are calling for Raven to revert the Loadout Drop changes!

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Warzone Pacific

Warzone Players Want to Get Loadouts at the Start of Games Again

In case you missed it, the Pacific update changed when you can get loadout drops in Warzone. This is a change that many players absolutely hate!

As you can’t get your first custom loadout until after the first circle closes, this means that you have to play with the Vanguard weapons for a large portion of the game.

Unfortunately, Vanguard weapons have a major problem in Warzone and this still hasn’t been fixed with the release of Caldera.

They are way too difficult to control as the visual recoil is too strong. This has prompted many top Warzone players to ask for Raven to put Loadout Drops back to how they used to be.

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Many Warzone players like Swagg merely voiced their dislike for having to wait for Loadout Drops. However, some were more critical.

For instance, JGOD described this experience as “you spend half of the match trying to loot a gun that isn’t terrible”.

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Additionally, BennyCentral has flat-out asked Raven to change Loadout Drops back to how they used to work before the Warzone Pacific update. In fact, he calls his post a petition and even directs it towards Raven.

Let’s see if Raven responds. After all, Raven has addressed the Warzone Pacific FOV slider complaints already.

If more fans get involved, then the developer might decide to revert the Loadout Drop change made in the Warzone Pacific update! Let’s hope this comes in the same update that will fix Caldera on PS4 and PS5.

Meanwhile, if you’re dropping into Caldera for the first time, you’ll want to use these game settings:

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