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Warzone Pacific Players Already Find New Caldera Map Boring

Caldera has only been out for a month, yet players already think the brand-new Warzone map is boring! But why?

Warzone players dropped into Verdansk for almost two years and, understandably, grew tired of the classic map. Therefore, a new map was number 1 on the wishlist for fans of the game.

When Activision announced the Warzone Pacific update and new Caldera map, fans’ hopes were sky-high. Although, the opinions have changed very quickly.

Not only did Caldera launch with stability issues causing Warzone to crash and freeze as well as a load of major graphical and texture glitches, but players have now decided that the map is boring. Why is this?

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Warzone Players Are Quitting Because of Glitches & Issues in Caldera

Warzone Fans Are Bored of the New Caldera Map

While many players have already quit Warzone due to all of the issues with Caldera, the remaining fans are beginning to find the new map boring.

A new post on the Warzone subreddit claims that every game of Caldera plays out almost the same every time. This is clearly a problem many have with the map as hundreds of players agree with the post.

While poster u/stacker_4414 says that all of the POIs and locations in Caldera are great, they are mostly located around the edge of the map. This creates a major problem for Caldera.

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Warzone Pacific Caldera

The POIs being on the coast means that the end of most games takes place in the empty center of the map.

This makes end games very predictable and usually decided by who can get to the high ground. That is if nobody has glitched underneath the map in Caldera!

The end game problems, combined with the glitches in Caldera has led to many players wanting Verdansk to return to Warzone soon.

Hopefully, developer Raven Software has some map updates in development so that the middle of Caldera will become more interesting. Otherwise, players may continue to find Warzone boring and drift away from the game entirely.

If no changes are made to the map though, even more players may want Raven Software to be replaced as Warzone developer. It would be a shame, but Warzone fans just want to enjoy the new map.

Meanwhile, at least there is some great content coming to Call of Duty in the near future. Find out everything we know about the Warzone and Vanguard Attack on Titan bundle so far.

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Tuesday 4th of January 2022

In my opinion caldera is better less places to hide and no extermely h it h rooftop that are impossible to kill your downedenemy before they self revive but down get me wrong the map is still pretty boring