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Warzone Pacific Season 3 Reloaded: Release Date & Time, Map Changes, New Weapons, Leaks, and More

Warzone Pacific Season 3 Reloaded update is almost here, and here are all the changes you will see in the Battle Royale with the mid-season update going live in Warzone.

With Season 3 being live for almost a month, players are gearing up for this season’s Reloaded update. And like any other mid-season update, this update will also bring a number of significant changes to the game.

Of course, not everyone likes these changes and some players just want to tryhard in every lobby, according to Warzone Creative Director.

However, if you want to ensure you are ahead of the competition, make sure you know and make the best use of the changes coming with the Warzone Pacific Season 3 Reloaded update.

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warzone pacific season 3 when will reloaded update go live

Warzone Pacific Season 3 Reloaded Release Date and Time – When Does the Update Go Live?

The Warzone Pacific Season 3 Reloaded update is set to release around the world on Wednesday, May 25. With only 31 days left in this season’s Battle Pass, Season 3 will be halfway through on this date.

While Raven is yet to confirm the exact release date and time, here are the tentative release times for Warzone Pacific Season 3 Reloaded:

  • West Coast US: 9 AM (PT)
  • East Coast US: 12 PM (ET)
  • UK: 4 PM (GMT)

Everything in Warzone Pacific Season 3 Reloaded Update: Changes, Fast Travel System, New Weapons, Map Changes, Events

Every mid-season update has shaken up the meta so far and we can expect Season 3 Reloaded to do the same.

While Raven hasn’t officially released all the changes coming to the game with this update, there are a lot of rumors and leaks going around.

Here is everything coming to Warzone with the Pacific Season 3 Reloaded update:

Fast Travel System in Warzone Pacific Season 3 Reloaded

With Raven adding the Redeploy Balloons last season, there’s no denying that the devs want to change the pacing of the game, especially how players move around the new map Caldera.

That said, trusted Call of Duty leaker ‘TheGhostOfHope‘ took to Twitter, claiming that Warzone will get a fast travel system in the mid-season update for Season 3.

While no information is available as to how the fast travel system would work in Warzone, we think this will allow players to teleport from one part of the map to another instantly in exchange for cash.

If the leak is true, this will dramatically change how Caldera is played and will make the pacing faster, which the Rebirth and long-time Warzone fans love.

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warzone pacific season 3 reloaded fast travel system redeploy balloons

New Weapons in Warzone Pacific Season 3 Reloaded: H4 Blixen SMG

With Nikita AVT and M1916 already making their way into Warzone with Pacific Season 3, the Reloaded update will a brand new SMG — H4 Blixen.

New weapons are more often than not overpowered, so there’s a high chance that H4 Blixen can be a meta pick.

In the meanwhile, check out the fastest killing weapon loadouts with the best TTK in Warzone Pacific Season 3.

h4-blixen-warzone-unlock-900x506 (1)

New Serpentine Perk to Counter Sniper Rifles

Warzone’s Creative Director Ted Timmins, in an interview with CharlieIntel, revealed that the Season 3 Reloaded update will bring Vanguard’s Serpentine Perk to Warzone.

This Perk reduces the incoming damage from sniper rifles when you’re sprinting, making it a direct counter to players choosing to snipe.

“I think fundamentally it’s going to be really healthy to Warzone to allow players to have that all-important counterplay,” Ted explained the reason behind this addition.

Additionally, they also confirmed that the Serpentine Perk will be available as ground loot after Season 3 Reloaded goes live in Warzone.

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serpentine perk warzone pacific season 3 reloaded

Xbox Will Support Warzone on 120HZ Again After Warzone Pacific Season 3 Reloaded Release

Ever since the release of the Pacific update of Warzone last year, Xbox players have suffered from low framerate issues.

However, Raven took to Twitter recently to share an update on the situation.

With Xbox players finally getting to play Warzone on 120 FPS again, there’s no denying that it will lead to a better experience.

Audio Changes and Camera Lock Fix

While rumors were going around that Warzone will see audio improvements with the release of Season 3, they were pushed by Raven for a later release.

Here are the changes listed under “Later this season” in Raven’s blog post:

  • Footstep Audio Improvements
    • We are looking to bring in additional audio improvements to footsteps during the season as a priority.
  • Slide Camera Lock Improvement
    • We have heard from our community that the camera lock that can occasionally happen while sliding down a vertical descent can be frustrating and lead to a negative outcome in a combat encounter.

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warzone pacific season 3 footstep audio changes

High-Value Loot Zones Across the Map

The addition of high-tier loot zones is also something that is in the works. We’ve already seen this implemented with the release of Operation Monarch LTM.

This feature will most likely roll out fully with the Reloaded update and will encourage players to land in different parts of the map.

You can spot these areas while diving into the map. These areas will be marked with a dollar sign hovering over the POI.

Weapon Balance Changes in Warzone Pacific Season 3 Reloaded

Almost every major update in Warzone includes nerfs and buffs to the weapons. While nothing is confirmed at the time of writing, we can expect several changes to the meta weapons.

Raven also likes to introduce some stealth changes, so do keep an eye out for those as well.

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high value loot zones on caldera map warzone pacific season 3 reloaded

That’s all you need to know about the Warzone Pacific Season 3 Reloaded. If there’s any significant update, we will add it to this article so be sure to check back later.

In other news, Warzone 2 leak claims classic Modern Warfare 2 maps will return in the new Battle Royale.

There’s also a new leak showcasing a new map, gameplay, and loadouts in Warzone 2!

Finally, Operation Monarch is only available till May 25. So make sure you know everything about the event:

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