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Warzone Pacific Map Reveal Event Details Leaked

A huge new leak has revealed details about the upcoming Pacific map reveal even in Warzone, and it seems to involve the Verdansk Mines.

Warzone players can’t wait to get their hands on the new Pacific map coming to the game. However, it is still a while off yet.

Luckily, a new leak has revealed both the name of the upcoming event where the new Pacific Warzone map will be revealed, as well as a couple of details about what to expect from the event.

But first, check out the first details about the upcoming Pacific Warzone map.

Warzone Pacific Map Sea

Warzone New Map Reveal Event Leaked – ‘To The Pacific’

While Raven Software has not given a release date for the new map, JGOD has predicted the Warzone Pacific map launch date. However, we now know that there will be more information about the new location much sooner than that.

Call of Duty leakers @_Nanikos_ and @HeyImAlaix have revealed new details about the upcoming Warzone event which will reveal more about the Pacific Warzone map.

According to the leakers, the upcoming map reveal event will be called “To The Pacific”. This information was found by data mining the Warzone files.

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Warzone Pacific Map POI

This event will ask players to: “Drop into Verdansk and find objects for another era. Complete the challenges and unlock a preview of your next destination.”

Additionally, the challenges that the event will contain point towards the Verdansk Mines finally opening in Warzone. This is because one of them asks players to “beneath the earth”.

It seems like ‘To The Pacific’ will follow the leaked upcoming Warzone Halloween event which will add a brand-new horror-themed operator to Verdansk. Let’s hope we get some more information about the map before then!

Meanwhile, even if the new Warzone map will come with improved anti-cheat, players are still having a terrible time right now. Warzone hackers and cheaters are still ruining the game.

Also, Verdansk has a brand-new secret. Find out how to complete the new Warzone Easter Egg.

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