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Warzone Pacific Map Release Date and Planes Confirmed

In a new blog post, Activision is revealing a treasure trove of details about Warzone’s Pacific Map, including the introduction of planes!

If you’re eagerly waiting for Call of Duty Vanguard information, you’re in luck! Today, Activision is disclosing a bounty of new information about the upcoming title.

And with only a week to go until the launch of the next major installment in the Call of Duty franchise here’s some more news about what’s to come.

We’re definitely eager to find out more about the upcoming undead survival mode. After all, it seems as though Shi No Numa is returning in Vanguard Zombies!

Warzone Pacific Map Release Date and Planes Confirmed

However, COD Zombies fans are already angry at Vanguard’s Zombies mode

Warzone Pacific Map – Caldera Revealed

Information on the Warzone Pacific map is finally here and we’re getting an introduction to Caldera at last!

We’re about to change locale completely, as we bid farewell to Verdansk and say hello to Caldera. The popular battle royale game is getting a rebrand to Warzone Pacific, and it’s dropping very soon!

We’re not far from the release date of Vanguard’s Pacific Warzone map, it seems. The new WW2 map will be arriving alongside Vanguard Season 1’s release date on December 3.

However, you can get early access to Warzone’s Pacific map here!

Warzone Planes Confirmed for Pacific Map

Warzone Planes Confirmed for Pacific Map

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But that’s not all the new Call of Duty blog had to tell us! It appears that the rumors of Warzone planes arriving soon were correct.

In a series of new images of the Warzone Pacific map, Activision shows off dogfighting in the new Warzone planes. Don’t worry about the vehicles being too overpowered either, as powerful AA guns will appear on the upcoming tropical island.

Check out more beautiful new Warzone Pacific map images here!

Of course, we’re also getting access to the powerful Vanguard Ricochet anti-cheat alongside the new update.

Unfortunately, it seems that Vanguard weapons could already have a major issue in Warzone.

Recently, we found out the pre-load dates and time ahead of Vanguard’s launch!

And we also know the full details about Vanguard’s shockingly small file size! It’s clear that Activision isn’t willing to have gamers taking up their full hard drives any longer.

(Source: Activision)

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Bryan carrithers

Thursday 28th of October 2021

I would like to see rebirth island get a little bigger on the map and i would lile to see players be able to use a smg gun instead of a pistol when you are dropping in and when you are able to respond that you are able to still use a smg instead of a pistol thank you for time and effort that you have put in on call of duty warzon

Dereck Rygwalski

Friday 29th of October 2021

@Bryan carrithers, I hope Battlefield murders off this franchise once and for all

Nothing but a bunch of scumbag hacker supporting women raping pieces of crap