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Warzone Pacific Map Delayed, New Season 1 Release Date

Warzone Pacific has been delayed and Activision has shared the new release date for the Caldera Map.

Delays in the gaming industry have been a norm for the last couple of years.

Activision decided to give Warzone Pacific some more additional development time.

So far, a multitude of gamers applauded this practice.

Many agree that a delay can help the launch of Caldera be a smooth one.

The good news is that fans will not have to wait long to play the first season of Warzone Pacific.

Warzone Pacific Delayed Season One Vanguard Early Access

Activision Reveals Warzone Pacific Season One Release Date

Activision announced that Warzone Pacific Season One will launch on December 8th.

In addition to this, there are some perks for CoD Vanguard players. Activision confirmed Vanguard owners will get 24-hour exclusive first play access.

Open access to the first season of Warzone Pacific will start on December 9th.

Activision has been trying to keep Warzone players happy. Recently, its Operation Flashback limited-time mode has been well received by fans.

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Fans Response to Warzone Pacific Delay

It is rare to see fans agreeing with a delay for the game they are expecting. But, this seems to be one of those cases.

Some Warzone Pacific fans stated that is better to have a good start to season one than face a multitude of bugs.

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Others supported the decision to take additional time to deliver a better product.

Considering recent FPS launches, this is not a bad decision.

Overall, most fans agreed that a delayed game has the chance to be good, but a rushed one will certainly disappoint.

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Hopefully, fans receive the experience they are looking for when Warzone Pacific Season One launches later next month.

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