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Warzone Pacific Invisible Guns Glitch Makes Aiming Impossible

It’s pretty hard to aim at enemies in Warzone Pacific when your guns are completely invisible!

The mid-Season 1 update for Warzone is finally here, but it’s not the overhaul a lot of players were hoping for. In fact, the new update appears to be bringing even more issues to the game already!

Although we did get some console performance fixes in Warzone at last, PC players will always have a massive advantage in the Battle Royale.

Meanwhile, there’s a new instant reload glitch in Warzone which completely breaks the game.

Warzone Pacific

And even top streamers are raging at the broken RICOCHET anti-cheat which doesn’t seem to be doing its job.

Now, Warzone Pacific is having even more problems, including making players’ weapons completely invisible!

Warzone Pacific Invisible Gun Glitch – January 2022

There’s a new invisible weapon glitch in Warzone Pacific and it’s making guns completely useless in-game.

Plenty of gamers will be dropping in to play Warzone’s first mid-season update since the Vanguard integration and try out the new Welgun.

But it’s hard to enjoy even the best Welgun loadout in Warzone when the gun appears completely invisible in the Battle Royale. According to players, loading into a game of Warzone Pacific often leads to weapons being entirely transparent.

And while guns are still usable while invisible, it’s impossible to aim with a weapon that you simply can’t see.

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Players Complain About Invisible Warzone Weapons

It’s not a good look for Warzone to start 2022 with so many issues. And fans are also poking fun at the new ‘Dollar Store’ Attack on Titan skin that recently arrived.

Meanwhile, hackers and cheaters are ruining Warzone like never before, and it’s causing a lot of players to give up on the game. After all, RICOCHET was meant to be the solution to remove cheaters for good, a claim that appears to have been unfounded.

And if it wasn’t enough that some weapons are completely invisible, certain Operators are joining in on the fun too! Right now, Raven Software is working on a fix for these Operators being completely invisible in Warzone.

But after spending all holiday with a Pay to Win invisible Warzone Operator breaking the game, we’re not sure players are happy to wait. We’ve already seen Warzone Pacific players quitting the game in droves, and we bet more will leave as issues continue.

Developers need to make these 7 important changes to Warzone in 2022 to keep the game afloat.

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