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Warzone Pacific: How to Win Every Gulag in Caldera – Tips & Tricks

If you’re dropping into the new Warzone Pacific map, here’s how to make sure you win your Gulag in Caldera.

Right now, the Gulag is in one of its best states ever. Raven Software is no longer trying to replicate fan-favorite maps, and it’s just letting the 1v1 arena be a true 1v1.

Warzone players finally got one more chance to play the original Gulag showers recently, but now we’re on an all-new map. Thankfully, Caldera’s Gulag is relatively symmetrical, and a very even fight.

Warzone Pacific

But even so, there are a few tips and tricks you should know to dominate the Gulag every time in Caldera. And if you want to re-deploy, here’s what you need to be doing.

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Warzone Pacific Best Gulag Strategy in Caldera

If you’re looking to win every fight in the Gulag, here are the best strategies for you to try in Caldera.

Window Peek

First and foremost, one of the best strategies in Caldera’s Gulag is to immediately jump forward and peek through the window of the hut. This is a popular strategy as it often lets you see which way an enemy is running, giving you the advantage.

Be ready when performing this tactic, however. If you see the enemy also jumping at the window, it’s possible to shoot at them right away.

Warzone Pacific Caldera Gulag

Hold the Headglitch at the Capture Point

In the center of the Gulag hut, you’ll see a large crate next to the Capture Point. This is by far the best power position on the map.

Standing behind the crate, you’ll have an excellent headglitch on your opponent, allowing you to shoot them freely but making yourself hard to hit. Always try and stay close to the crate and listen carefully, keeping your opponent on the opposite side.

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Play the Red Containers

Alternatively, another good option is for you to head to the massive red containers that occupy one side of the Gulag. Hide behind this easy cover and listen out for your enemy’s footsteps.

The good thing about the container strategy is that these minecarts are hard cover, meaning you won’t be killed by bullet penetration. They also provide excellent sight of the Capture Point if your Gulag is starting to drag on.

The enemy player won’t be able to win without exposing themself to your bullets.

warzone caldera gulag

Bait the Enemy

Right at the start of your Caldera Gulag, the enemy won’t be fully visible to you. However, a red outline lets you see their position, and where they’re looking.

Because of this, you can bait your enemy by looking to the left, as if you mean to sprint in that direction. Instead, you can head right, and expect to throw the other player off.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket here though, as there’s no guarantee that the enemy player will fall for your bait, or even notice where you’re looking in the first place.

Right now, a new Warzone Pacific invisible Operators glitch is ruining games. And on top of that, players are falling through the new Caldera map in Warzone too.

It’s clear that Caldera needs some work, but at least there is also some good news. Recently, one of Warzone’s biggest cheat providers got hit by a ban wave.

And there’s still more to come! However, RICOCHET isn’t fully active in Caldera just yet.

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