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Warzone Pacific’s New Gameplay Trailer Teases Swimming in Caldera

Warzone Pacific’s new Caldera map gameplay trailer went live today, and there is a hint that swimming might be part of the game.

The Warzone experience is about to change dramatically. The battle royale is finally getting a new coat of paint.

Its transformation to Warzone Pacific brings an entirely new map with it, Caldera.

With Caldera arriving, there is a multitude of questions about this map. Namely, gamers expressed interest in the possible new mechanics added to this revamped map.

In particular, many gamers are interested in whether swimming would be possible in Caldera. Recently, Activision revealed Warzone Pacific Caldera’s locations and points of interest.

Later, this reveal was accompanied by a trailer that finally dropped the first mention of swimming in Caldera.

Call of Duty Warzone Pacific Caldera Map Rivers Streams

Gameplay Trailer Hints Swimming Is Possible in the Caldera Map

Activision broke the silence about swimming by directly referencing it on the new Warzone Pacific Caldera gameplay trailer.

During the trailer, there is a mention of underground caves, rivers, and streams. At the 27 second mark, the trailer’s narrator invites gamers to “take a dip in a river or stream.”

Since Activision announced Warzone Pacific, this is the first time swimming has been referenced as part of its gameplay.

Note that there is no official confirmation yet. But, it is likely the developer will not entice players to throw themselves at a river if that results in a respawn.

It is anticipated more information on this matter will be known soon. Warzone Pacific is around the corner now, launching on December 8th.

Just before launch, Activision is celebrating with the Secrets of the Pacific event.

Here are all the intel object locations in Warzone’s Secrets of the Pacific in case you want to join this event.

Fans thoroughly discussed swimming right after Activision announced Warzone Pacific. Considering the map is an island, this topic was bound to pop up.

As soon as the gameplay trailer launched, gamers started asking about swimming. Many gamers even cleverly stated their excitement about swimming in the Pacific.

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Others are directly asking Raven Software to implement this feature. Additionally, this gamer mentioned Blackout did it perfectly before.

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Finally, some gamers did catch the swimming reference in the gameplay trailer.

One thing is sure; we will soon know if swimming in Caldera will be a reality!

In the meantime, did you know there are hints Caldera underwent massive changes during development?

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