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Warzone Pacific: Every Weapon Buff & Nerf in December 9 Update

Here are all of the weapons that Raven has buffed or nerfed in the December 9 Warzone Pacific balancing update.

The new Warzone map, Caldera, has finally arrived and, alongside it, a new weapon balancing patch has dropped. This will certainly shake up the meta!

In addition to all of the changes in the Warzone Pacific update, Raven has now dropped a weapon balancing patch which has changed a load of different weapons in Warzone.

Here is every weapon buff and nerf in the December 9 Warzone gun balancing update:

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Warzone Pacific

All Weapon Changes in Warzone Caldera December 9 Update

Not only has the Warzone Pacific update changed when players can get their Loadout Drops, it has also changed how many of the weapons work.

This update is the first of two major weapon balancing patches and focuses on guns from Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare that were just a bit too good.

What’s more, melee weapons are no longer viable in Warzone!

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  • Crossbow (Modern Warafre)
    • Damage Increase
  • R1 Shadowhunuter
    • Damage Increase
  • Ballistsic Knife
    • Damage Increase

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Warzone Pacific


  • AK-47 (Black Ops Cold War)
    • Recoil Increased
  • EM2
    • Neck Damage Multiplier Decrease
    • Recoil Increase
  • Kar98k (Modern Warafre)
    • Decreased Flinch Resistance
  • Baseball Bat (BOCW)
    • Lunge Distance Decrease
  • Battle Axe (BOCW)
    • Lunge Distance Decrease
  • Cane (BOCW)
    • Lunge Distance Decrease
  • Mace (BOCW)
    • Lunge Distance Decrease
  • Gallo SA12
    • Movement Speed Decrease
    • ADS Movement Speed Decrease
  • Swiss K31
    • Decreased Flinch Resistance
  • OTs 9 (BOCW)
    • Maximum Damage Decrease
    • Headshot Damage Multiplier decrease
  • MP5 (Cold War)
    • Maximum Damage Decrease
    • Headshot Damage Decrease
  • MP5 (Modern Warfare)
    • Fire Rate Decrease
    • Sprint to Fire Speed Decrease

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Warzone Pacific

What’s more, Raven has also said that the overpowered PPSH-41 will be getting a nerf soon. Make sure to use the best PPSH-41 loadout in Warzone Pacific while you still can!

Stay tuned for details about future weapon balancing updates! We are sure that they’ll arrive soon.

Meanwhile, there are a few more things that Raven has to change in an upcoming update. The developer has already addressed the terrible audio issues in Caldera.

Plus, Raven has addressed the Warzone Pacific FOV slider requests too. Although, this may not be the news that fans were hoping for.

(Source: Raven Software Blog)

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