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Warzone Pacific: Does Caldera Have a FOV Slider on Consoles?

Warzone Pacific is finally here, but has the update added the most requested feature – a FOV slider on consoles?

The Warzone Pacific update brings some of the biggest changes the game has ever seen, including the tropical new map Caldera.

Raven Software already revealed all of the changes coming in the Warzone Pacific update. However, the studio kept quiet about the possibility of a Field of View slider coming to Xbox and PlayStation versions of the game.

This is such a huge deal for console gamers as increased FOV gives Warzone players on PC a huge advantage.

Luckily, now that the Warzone Pacific update has finally arrived, we know the answer to the question everyone is asking!

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warzone pacific

Does Warzone Pacific Update Have a FOV Slider on PS4, PS5, Xbox One & Xbox Series X?

Activision previously stated that Warzone will not get a FOV slider on console. Unfortunately, it looks like this still applies now.

The Warzone Pacific update has finally gone live and there is still no FOV slider on console versions of the game.

UPDATE: Raven Software Responds About No FOV Slider in Warzone Pacific

This FOV news applies to both last-gen, the PS4, and Xbox One, as well as the latest generation of consoles. The PS5 and Xbox Series X don’t have FOV sliders either.

Players think that this is an even bigger problem than hackers already ruining the Caldera Warzone map as well as the terrible crashes and freezing in Caldera!

Unfortunately, this isn’t exactly a surprise. A FOV slider wasn’t mentioned in the latest Warzone patch notes which revealed loads of information about the loadout drop changes as well as how to report cheaters in Warzone’s Caldera map.

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Warzone Pacific Caldera

Of course, this news hasn’t gone down well with Warzone fans who are desperate to see the feature added to Warzone in a future update. Let’s hope that Raven manages to add this feature eventually.

After all, the long-awaited Warzone PS5 and Xbox Series X updates are still nowhere to be seen.

Meanwhile, players will still enjoy the new Warzone update, despite the lack of FOV slider on console versions of the game.

One of the biggest factors in this is the new RICOCHET anti-cheat system coming to Warzone. This will hopefully make hackers a thing of the past.

The new contract types Warzone Pacific will definitely shake up the gameplay. Plus, they’ll bring some higher stakes to Warzone too.

What’s more, Caldera has a brand-new Gulag underneath the new Mines location. This will make for some intense 1v1 fights!

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Mike johnson

Wednesday 8th of December 2021

I won't play warzone until the add it for console I'm on series x.

Wednesday 8th of December 2021

this is so upsetting tbh

Jordan Shepard

Wednesday 8th of December 2021

No mention of FPS here. I've been knocked back down to 60fps on the new map.

Mike Faranda

Wednesday 8th of December 2021

It crashed my ps4 twice to the point where I have to unplug it from the wall smfh

Andrew Hiscock

Wednesday 8th of December 2021

so dumb they have fov slider in multi-player. but can't give it to console in warzone makes total fucking sense