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Warzone Pacific Developer Aims to Increase Overall Weapon TTK

According to its developer, Warzone Pacific is going to receive a substantial weapon balancing in regards to guns TTK.

Warzone Pacific is basically a month old now. Even though it has been a short amount of time, this has been enough time for players to have a verdict on this new Warzone experience.

Some players loved the dramatic change that Caldera introduced to Warzone. On the other hand, many fans are unhappy about this map introducing new bugs in the game.

As an example of this, a recent Warzone Pacific update rolled out by Raven Software caused random bugs for many players.

Even though there are still many issues pending to be fixed, the developer has quickly addressed most of them.

In its latest communication, Raven Software addressed its plans for weapon balancing in Warzone Pacific.


TTK Changes Coming to Warzone Pacific Weapons

Raven Software has stated that it plans to increase TTK on all Warzone Pacific weapons by decreasing their ADS speeds.

Since ADS times should be considered when calculating TTK, its reduction will result in increased TTK.

The developer added this change would give it enough room to make class differences more obvious, having a more significant impact on different playstyles.

Also, Raven Software mentioned previous weapon integrations into the Warzone formula. The developer pointed out that Modern Warfare and Black Ops: Cold War weapons are in a “good spot.”

As a reminder, Raven Software mentioned that adding Cold War weapons to the Warzone formula took some time to figure out the necessary adjustments.

In the same way, adjusting the roster of Vanguard weapons will take some time. These weapons require the proper balancing to fit the Warzone ecosystem, which takes time.

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Aside from TTK changes, Raven Software has been actively trying to balance weapons in Warzone Pacific. Unfortunately, not all of its attempts end up hitting the right notes.

Its most recent attempt was nerfing the Double Barrel Shotgun Akimbo. But, many players state that even after a nerf, the Akimbo Double Barrel Shotgun is still overpowered.

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Another elusive issue for the developer has been the constant audio issues affecting Caldera.

Lastly, players also expect a plane nerf coming to Warzone Pacific. This became an evident need as gamers showed how to easily win a Battle Royale match using a plane.

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