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Warzone Pacific Players Continue Complaining About Audio Issues in Caldera

Gamers continue raising concerns about audio issues in Warzone Pacific’s new Caldera map.

Warzone Pacific has been a mixed bag for many gamers. Some players are onboard of the drastic scenery change presented with Caldera.

On the other hand, there are many gamers who, after some weeks, already find Caldera boring.

Aside from the drastic changes, Warzone Pacific introduced a new set of glitches and bugs. Out of these issues, Raven Software has addressed and fixed many issues.

Out of all of the reported problems, there is one that seems to be elusive to the development team; the audio concerns players continue to experience.

Audio Issues Continue in Warzone Pacific’s Caldera Map

Warzone Pacific players continue complaining about audio issues in the form of complete absence of sound and missing footsteps audio track when another player approaches.

According to online reports, the most prevalent and bothersome issue is the lack of footsteps sound.

Many players have stated no matter how close other players get; no footstep sound is triggered at any moment.

Due to this issue, some players have argued that the Dead Silence Field Upgrade is somewhat meaningless. This has been significant enough that some gamers have decided to leave the game altogether.

Additionally, gamers pointed out that Raven Software already addressed these audio issues before. But, so far, players still encounter this problem in some matches.

Other players mentioned that the issue is so bad that audio cuts out entirely during some matches.

Nostalgic players talk about Blackout and remember those days when footsteps were loud and clear.

This gamer also pointed out the recent nerfs and buffs in Warzone Pacific’s weapons.

Recently, the developer rolled out a nerf for the Double Barrel Shotgun Akimbo that solved its long-range lethality. Also, Raven Software expressed its desire to make weapon diversity a reality in Warzone Pacific.

In addition to the constant request to fix these audio concerns, players demanded a nerf for planes in Caldera.

This request has grown in popularity after players showed easy ways to win a Battle Royale match using planes.

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