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Warzone Pacific: Caldera vs Verdansk Map Comparison

Call of Duty has shared a brand new image of the Warzone Pacific map, but how big is Caldera compared to Verdansk?

Warzone players absolutely adore Verdansk. However, the map will be removed from the Call of Duty title with the end of Season 6.

And it appears Warzone players won’t have to wait much longer for the new map’s launch. Warzone Pacific Season 1 starts soon and the Caldera map comes with it.

With the fans looking forward to trying out the new map, one question remains – what is the size of Caldera in comparison to Verdansk?

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warzone pacific caldera verdansk size

Caldera Map Compared to Verdansk

Activision recently shared the Warzone Pacific map with labeled locations and POIs. But every Call of Duty fan is curious about the difference in size between Warzone Pacific map Caldera and Verdansk.

Many rumors were going around that Caldera will be bigger than Verdansk. Luckily, Twitter user ‘TheXclusiveAce‘ already shared a direct comparison of Verdansk and Caldera.

Caldera is a remote tropical island, whereas the present Warzone map, Verdansk is a modern post-apocalyptic city. However, both the maps are roughly the same size.

Further, the latest image shows Warzone Pacific map Caldera having 16 POIs. Verdansk on the other hand has over 20 POIs, tightly packed into the map.

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caldera verdansk comparison
Credit: Rudgey__

Though, it looks like that the coastlines in Caldera might be much more open than the boundaries in Verdansk. Caldera also appears to have fewer buildings when compared to Verdansk. As a result, players camping in buildings could drop dramatically.

To top that, Activision also revealed a Warzone Pacific trailer, providing a first-hand look into the island map’s areas.

But before you jump into Caldera, make sure to level up the best Vanguard weapons for the Warzone Pacific map.

Finally, Activision will also launch the new RICOCHET anti-cheat along with the Warzone Pacific update. This is right on time as the Call of Duty players are fed up with the growing number of cheaters in their games.

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Sunday 5th of December 2021

What's wrong with "camping" if they don't want it then take the sniper rifles out of the game. Snipers don't run around trying to get killed! They literally camp in buildings and high ground.