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Warzone Pacific Caldera Map Images Hint Dramatic Changes During Development

Warzone Pacific is close to launching, and we learned that there might have been dramatic changes to its Caldera map during development.

Call of Duty Warzone is about to get its first major refresh with Warzone Pacific and the Caldera map.

Gamers are thrilled to find out more about this entirely new map.

To appease this curiosity, Activision recently launched the Vanguard and Warzone Secrets of the Pacific event.

During this event, gamers uncovered small previews of what Caldera has in store.

Among these images, some changes between the final version of Caldera and the one presented in Secrets of the Pacific were spotted.

Call of Duty Warzone Pacific Caldera Map Size

Secrets of the Pacific Warzone’s Caldera Map Depiction Differs From Its Final Version

There have been dramatic differences in size and shape identified in images of the Caldera Map presented on Secrets of the Pacific.

During the Secret of the Pacific event, an image of the Caldera map outline could be seen on the screen presenting the challenges.

This outline differed from the final version of the map in more than one way. User ModernWarzone on Twitter was quick to spot these changes.

In detail, the size and shape of the map are very distinct from the ones in the final version.

Sizewise, Caldera’s final map seems to be smaller than the one in the Warzone Secrets of the Pacific event.

Additionally, developers seemingly redesigned its shape. The original design included a northern area split almost entirely by two rivers.

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Warzone Caldera Map Size Shape Difference Secrets of the Pacific
Source: @ModernWarzone

On the final version, this is no longer the case. Caldera is more unified and comprised of one huge area.

Also, the old outline hinted at small islands on the west side. These tiny, almost isolated islands disappeared from the final version.

Thus, converting Warzone’s Caldera Map into a massive unified island.

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Warzon Caldera Map Size Shape Difference Secrets of the Pacific Final (1)
Source: @ModernWarzone

As you can see, the updated design does change both in size and shape. This type of change is pretty common during development.

Due to the competitive nature of Warzone, developers usually fine-tune map details as development progresses.

If you are looking forward to Season One, Warzone Pacific new operators and weapons have been revealed.

As well, a gamer already found what could be images of Caldera within Vanguard.

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