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All Warzone Pacific Caldera Changes: Loadouts, Gas Mask, Gulag, Dead Silence & More

We got a lot of additional information about Warzone Pacific gameplay changes coming to Caldera!

Call of Duty Warzone is shortly going to get a new map and a gameplay overhaul.

Gamers are about to say farewell to the beloved Verdansk and hello to Caldera. As many expected, Caldera is not just going to be a change of setting.

With the introduction of this new map, several new gameplay mechanics are also being introduced.

Activision shared the locations and points of interest of Caldera today. Alongside this announcement, the publisher revealed a multitude of gameplay changes.

Many gamers have been waiting for this information. Now, there is finally a list of gameplay changes coming to Warzone Pacific’s Caldera map.

Call of Duty Warzone Pacific Caldera Vehicles

All Warzone Pacific Upcoming Gameplay Changes Coming to Caldera

Activision revealed all the gameplay additions coming to the Warzone experience with the introduction of Warzone Pacific and the Caldera Map.

Warzone Pacific introduces changes to the Gulag, Loadouts, Field Upgrades, Gas Masks, and more.

Changes coming to Warzone Pacific and its Caldera Map

  • Gulag Changes: Gulag winner respawns with the weapons and lethal weapon equipment granted during the Gulag duel.
  • Loadout and Field Upgrades Changes:
    • Dead Silence nerf
    • Stopping Power Rounds removal
    • Stun Grenades nerf
    • Heartbeat Sensors nerf
    • Kali Stick and Sai nerf
    • Gun-butting (melee) nerf
    • Loadout Drop Markers can not be purchased anymore from Buy Stations after the Loadout Drop event occurs
    • Lethal Equipment, in its majority, will deal more damage
    • Snapshot Grenade effective radius increase
    • Stim grans a small movement boost
    • Decoy Grenade packs rubber bullets
  • Gas Masks and Canisters:
    • Gas masks will stop less actions, making it easier to put on your masks on or reload while escaping the Circle Collapse.
    • You can get protection against Gas Canisters using Gas Masks. This canister is a new two-handed exploding item that releases the same gas found at the edge of the Circle Collapse.
  • Shallow Water Mechanic:
    • Operators are able to walk on shallow waters. Walking on water makes footprints harder to see even to those players that equipped the Tracker perk.
    • Crounching in knee-high water grants the Cold Blooded effect.
    • Fire-based equiment creates smoke when it hits water.
  • Contracts and Public Events:
    • Supply Drop Contracts
    • Big Game Bounty Contracts
    • Top Secrect Contracts
    • Restocks and Resurgences
    • Cash Drops Event
    • Weapon Crates

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Warzone Pacific Caldera Map Changes

New Possible Mechanics in Warzone Pacific

In general, these Warzone Pacific Caldera changes Activision shared include feedback from players and some new twists here and there.

Today, Activision teased swimming in its Warzone Pacific Caldera gameplay trailer.

So far, we know Shallow Waters allows gamers to interact with water. Although, going prone is not an option in knee-deep water.

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