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Warzone Pacific: Caldera Bunker Door & Easter Egg Hatch Locations

Here are all of the locations for Caldera’s bunker door and secret hatches in the new Warzone Pacific map!

Warzone’s new Pacific map has just arrived and players are still exploring everything Caldera has to offer. There are a few secrets to find too!

Once you’ve explored all of the locations in Caldera, you’ll definitely want to find some of the secrets in the map.

Not only have players already found a bunker door in Caldera but there are a load of mysterious hatches across the island too. Here’s where you can find them!

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CoD Warzone Pacific Caldera Map Peak (1)

Warzone Pacific: Caldera Bunker Location

Warzone players have already found the best loot spot in Caldera, but there might be another one coming very soon.

Those familiar with Verdansk will know all of the loot that is stored in Warzone bunkers. Another one of these bunkers has been found in Caldera too.

This is located in the West cliff of peak and has a keypad, like previous bunkers. However, you can’t activate this keypad yet.

Hopefully, players will find a way to open it soon.

This isn’t the only strange location in Caldera though – in addition to the bunker, there are plenty of mysterious hatches!

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Warzone Caldera Bunker Location Map
Geeky Pastimes

Warzone Pacific: Caldera Secret Hatch Locations

These are all of the locations of the secret hatches in Caldera that we know of so far, courtesy of Geeky Pastimes.


The first hatch is hidden under plants, behind some tents in Ruins.

Warzone Caldera Ruins Hatch Map
Geeky Pastimes


Next to a hut in the East of Lagoon.

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Warzone Caldera Lagoon Hatch Location Map
Geeky Pastimes


This hatch is to the South of Arsenal.

Warzone Caldera Arsenal Hatch Location Map
Geeky Pastimes


Up on a hill to the West of Phosphate Mines.

Warzone Caldera Mines Hatch Location Map
Geeky Pastimes


North-East of Airfield, in the middle of some trees.

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Warzone Caldera Airfield Hatch Location Map
Geeky Pastimes

Power Plant

The hardest hatch to find in Caldera, this one is located behind a waterfall right next to Power Plant.

Warzone Caldera Power Plant Hatch Location Map
Geeky Pastimes


There is also a hatch right at the center of Peak, inside the cave.

Warzone Caldera Peak Hatch Location Map
Geeky Pastimes


Just South of Docks, next to a truck.

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Warzone Caldera Docks Hatch Map Location
Geeky Pastimes


Behind two big silos in Fields.

Warzone Caldera Fields Hatch Location Map
Geeky Pastimes


In the South-East of Beachhead, next to some tents.

Warzone Caldera Hatch Location Beachhead
Geeky Pastimes


This hatch is located North-West of Restort. It’s on a small hill just North of a pond.

Warzone Caldera Hatch Location Resort
Geeky Pastimes

Sub Pen

Finally, there is also a mysterious hatch just to the North of the Caldera Sub Pen.

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Sub Pen Hatch Location Map
Geeky Pastimes

Expect the bunker to open up and more of these hatches to be discovered across Caldera soon as players get to explore the new Warzone Pacific map more. Hopefully, we find out what they do very soon as well!

Meanwhile, if you’re jumping into Caldera, you’ll want to use these settings:

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