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Warzone Pacific Caldera Kills New World Record Set by Faze Swagg, Booya and More

Records are meant to be broken and FaZe Swagg, along with other top players, set a new record for most kills in a Warzone Pacific match.

It’s almost two months since the Pacific update went live in Warzone. While the update introduced plenty of exciting content like a new map and brand new Operators in the game, it also brought various new bugs.

With Raven Software deploying some major improvements recently, the grind to earn the bragging rights is back on.

However, one team of players has set a new world record by getting the most kills in a Caldera battle royale.

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warzone pacific caldera battle royale most kills record faze swagg quads

FaZe Swagg’s Squad Sets New Warzone Pacific Kills Record for Caldera Quads

It appears that FaZe Swagg, along with Booya, SuperEV, and DiazBiffle, have smashed the previous Quads kills world record for Warzone Pacific.

Swagg took to Twitter to share their new record, racking up 134 kills in the process. Moreover, every member of the team contributed equally as each player had a minimum of 33 kills.

Although the majority of the fans found this feat amazing, a lot of the users pointed towards the low K/D lobby for this match. So much for appreciating others’ accomplishments!

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highest kills caldera warzone pacific

On top of this, FaZe Swagg also stated “F#@* Planes”. Maybe the fact that Warzone players are winning matches simply by flying planes isn’t sitting right with them!

Despite this impressive new record, it is interesting to note that Aydan and their squad still hold the most kills ever record in Warzone. They amassed 162 kills on March 5, 2021.

Also, if you’re still testing out weapons in Warzone Pacific, JGOD has declared Cold War guns as the best choice.

Finally, Warzone Pacific Season 2 has been delayed to fix the various issues plaguing the game. Here are the Warzone Pacific Season 2 release date, Battle Pass details, and more!

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Comments 2



Friday 28th of January 2022

Another dodgy lobby record, wahooo! If I had the kind of lobbies these asshats are in then I'd be hitting records too.

Fucking losers!


Friday 28th of January 2022

@Chtis, these so-called records shouldnt be considered at all especially with cheaters like biffle