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Warzone Pacific: Best Perks For Your Caldera Loadout

Find out the best Perks to use in your Warzone Pacific loadout – these will help you get way more wins in Caldera!

Warzone is all about being the last squad standing and coming away with the win. However, if you want to do that, you’ll need to be using the best loadout you can.

While all of the attention will go to the best meta weapon you can use in Warzone’s Caldera map, there is still more to your loadout than just that. Perks can be totally game-changing too!

Here are the best Perks you should be using in your Warzone Pacific loadout for Caldera.

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Warzone Pacific

Best Warzone Pacific Perks to Use in Caldera

Perk 1 – Cold Blooded

First up, Cold Blooded is the best Perk you can use in Caldera. This may be a bit of a surprise, but it is the perfect counter to two overpowered pieces of equipment that your enemies could be using.

Firstly, it stops you from appearing clearly on the night vision scope that many players are using now. It also means you don’t get highlighted by the Combat Scout Perk – more on that later though!

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Warzone Pacific Cold Blooded Perk

Perk 2 – Ghost / Overkill

Next, you’ve got two to pick from. Both Ghost and Overkill are still meta Perks in the new Warzone Caldera map.

Despite heartbeat sensors getting a huge nerf in the Warzone Pacific update, Ghost is still very powerful. This is because of all of the changes in the Warzone Pacific update.

The increased number of Fire Sales in Caldera means that UAVs have become much more common and Ghost will keep you off the enemy mini maps.

Alternatively, you could pick Overkill if you want two primary weapons when you pick up your loadout. Although, you’ll need to know when to pick up your Loadout Drop in Caldera after the major changes in the Warzone Pacific update.

Also, to make the most of Overkill, you’ll need to use the best weapon loadouts for Caldera:

Warzone Pacific Ghost Perk

Perk 3 – Combat Scout

Finally, and most importantly, Combat Scout is the absolute best Perk you can use in Caldera. This is because it gives you much-improved visibility in a map where it is difficult to spot enemies.

Even without the new Warzone invisibility glitch, it is very difficult to spot players.

Luckily, Combat Scout highlights any enemies you shoot in a bright orange which helps you keep track of them and stops them from escaping.

You should also use these settings if you want to improve your visibility in Warzone:

Warzone Pacific Combat Scout Perk

And those are the best Warzone Pacific Perks you should use in your Caldera loadout. They should give you an edge over your opponents in firefights.

To actually get your loadout though, you’ll want to parachute to one of the best landing spots in Caldera. Then you can head towards one of the best loot spots in the new Warzone Pacific map.

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