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Warzone Pacific: Best PC Graphics Settings For Performance & FPS

Find out the best PC graphics settings you should use in Warzone Pacific to get the best performance and FPS in Caldera.

Warzone players are finally dropping into Caldera, although the experience hasn’t exactly been smooth so far. In fact, many players are struggling with stability.

There have been plenty of reports of game crashes and freezing in Caldera as well as a number of complaints about graphics and texture glitches in Warzone Pacific too.

Luckily, if you’re struggling with frame rates or graphical quality in Warzone, we’ve found some settings you’ll want to try out.

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Warzone Pacific

Once you’ve put on the best NVIDIA filters for Warzone Pacific, you should head straight to the in-game settings to make sure you’ve got the right graphics options selected.

Popular Warzone streamer IceManIsaac has shared his graphics settings for Warzone following the Pacific update.

This includes all of the most important settings you need to change to make sure Warzone is running at a good frame rate but also looks nice!

Start with all of the settings at default and then change the following ones so that you’re using the best PC graphics settings for Warzone Pacific.

Also, be sure to check out IceManIsaac’s best Warzone Pacific controller settings too. These will massively help your aim and accuracy.

Best PC Graphics Settings for Warzone Pacific Caldera Map


  • Dynamic Resolution – Disabled
  • Sync Every Frame (V-Sync) – Disabled
  • Custom Frame Rate – Unlimited
  • Brightness – 60 (Depends on your monitor settings)
  • Dispaly Gamma 2.2 (sRBG)
  • NVIDIA Highlights – Disabled
  • NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency – Enabled + Boost

Quality & FOV

  • Field of View – 120
  • ADS Field of View – Affected
  • Camera Movement – Least – 50%

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Details & Textures

  • Streaming Quality – Low
  • Texture Resolution – Normal
  • Texture Filter Anisotropic – High
  • Particle Quality – High
  • Bullet Impact & Sprays – Enabled
  • Tesselation – Disabled
  • Dismemberment & Gore Effects – Disabled
  • On-demand Texture Streaming – Disabled

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Warzone Pacific Caldera Map

Post Processing Effects

  • Filmic Strength – 0
  • Film Grain – 0
  • NVIDIA DLSS – Disabled
  • Anti-Aliasing – SMAA 2X
  • Depth of Field – Disabled
  • World Motion Blur – Disabled
  • Weapon Motion Blur – Disabled

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Shadow & Lighting

  • Shadow Map Resolution – Low
  • Cache Spot Shadows – Enabled
  • Cache Sun Shadows – Enabled
  • Particle Lighting – Low
  • DirectX Raytracing – Disabled
  • Ambient Occlusion – Disabled
  • Screen Space Reflecton (SSR) – Disabled

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And these are the best graphics settings that you can use in Warzone Pacific on PC! Use thee and your game will be looking nice and running even smoother.


Meanwhile, hackers have already been found in the new Caldera Warzone map. The new anti-cheat system can’t come soon enough!

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