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Warzone Pacific: Best Operator Skins For Caldera Map

Find out the best camouflaged operator skins you can use in the new Pacific Warzone map Caldera. Your enemies won’t see you coming!

The new Warzone map has taken players to a tropical location and the jungle is just as lush as you would expect! This is a totally different environment from Veransk and one where a new set of skins can give you an advantage.

While there is a glitch making operators invisible in Warzone right now, players have also found some great skins to make you difficult to spot in Caldera.

The jungles in the new map make camo skins, especially from Modern Warfare extremely powerful. This is because it helps you blend in with the landscape.

Also, use these settings if you’re struggling to see enemies in Caldera:

Warzone Pacific

Best Camo Operator Skins For Warzone Pacific Caldera Map

While players can use the best Perk loadout Warzone Pacific to highlight you if they shoot you, these camo skins will make you almost invisible in Caldera’s jungles.

Most of these skins are for Modern Warfare operators because they have ghillie suits and other camo outfits, although there’s a brand-new Vanguard skin as well as an operator from Cold War too.

These are all of the best Warzone operator skins to help you blend into the jungle in Caldera.

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Golem – Foliage

Golem has plenty of great camouflage skins in Warzone, complete with ghillie. We think that the Foliage skin is perfect for staying under the radar in Caldera.

This can be bought in the COD Store in a bundle called ‘The Tracker’ for 1400 COD Points.

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Golem Foliage Skin Warzone

Otter – Woodland

Modern Warfare operator Otter also has some great default skins for the Caldera map. We think that Woodland is the best as it matches the color of Caldera and will help you blend into the jungle.

This skin is available for anyone who owns Call of Duty Modern Warfare or anyone who got the PS Plus Combat Pack back in Modern Warfare Season 5.

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Otter Woodland Skin Warzone

Naga – Viper

Naga’s default skin, Viper, is also a great option for anyone who got the Cold War Season 2 Battle Pass.

His bright green uniform doesn’t contain any ghillie but the color will definitely help you blend in.

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Naga Viper Skin Warzone

Roland – Jungle Specter

Another great skin is new operator Roland’s Jungle Specter uniform. This can be unlocked by purchasing the Skull Collector Pro Pack in Warzone or Vanguard right now.

Check out every item in the Vanguard and Warzone Season 1 Battle Pass.

Roland Jungle Specter Skin Warzone

Grinch – Nightfang

Back to Modern Warfare, Allegiance operator Grinch has a skin that is perfect for Caldera. The Nightfang skin features a demonic mask which a green ghillie suit.

This can be available in the store as part of the Asanbonsam bundle for 2400 COD Points.

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Grinch Nightfang Operator Skin Warzone

Ghost – Dreadwood

Finally, fan-favorite operator Ghost also has a great skin that is perfect for blending in with the Caldera jungle. It’s a bit of a darker green than our other skins on the list but will still keep you out of the sight of enemies.

This is part of the Beyond The Pale bundle which costs 2000 COD Points.

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Ghost Dreadwood Skin Warzone

Will you be equipping any of these best operator skins for Caldera? Even if it takes a fraction of a second longer for your enemies to spot you, it could give you an all-important advantage in gunfights.

In addition to the best skins, you’ll also want to know some more tips for Caldera:

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