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Warzone Pacific: Best Meta Weapon to Use in Caldera on Launch Day

Find out the best meta weapon loadout to use in the Warzone Pacific map Caldera. This gun could dominate on the new map!

The new Warzone Pacific map is finally upon us and, alongside it, comes a load of new weapons to use in Warzone.

All of the Call of Duty Vanguard guns and weapons are now usable in Warzone. And while this is a good thing, there are almost too many to choose from!

Luckily, JGOD has suggested some of the best weapons that you can use on the first day of Warzone Pacific.

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Warzone Pacific Caldera Loading Screen

JGOD’s Meta Warzone Pacific Gun For Caldera Day 1 – Automaton

JGOD previously suggested the best Vanguard weapons to level up for the Warzone Caldera map, but now he has actually played it. This is what he thinks will be the best and most popular meta weapon on Caldera launch day.

In his latest video, JGOOD shared his gameplay of Caldera. This includes his first impressions of the map, an overview of all of the changes in the Warzone Pacific Caldera map, as well as his thoughts on some of the weapons.

He didn’t have too much time to test the weapons, but the one he seemed to be the most complimentary about was the Automaton.

Here’s JGOD’s best Automaton loadout in Warzone Pacific in case you want to give it a go!

Vanguard Best Automaton Loadout - Better Than STG Tested & Working

The Automaton is an assault rifle with very low recoil and a 75 round magazine attachment. This makes it very forgiving and perfect for the average player who isn’t an expert at controlling recoil.

Unfortunately, the Automaton doesn’t do too much damage, meaning that the TTK is slightly on the slow side in comparison to the other Warzone Pacific weapons.

However, this is a small downside for a weapon that can beam opponents over long distances.

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Once you’ve tried the best weapon for Warzone Pacific, you’ll also want to see all of the Vanguard and Warzone Season 1 Battle Pass items. There’s plenty to earn for everyone!

Meanwhile, there are also some new guns coming to Vanguard and Warzone with the launch of the Season 1 update. What’s more, you can unlock them for free:

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