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Huge Warzone Optic Changes in Latest Update – High Zoom Scope Buff

The latest Warzone update has brought some huge optic changes.

Even more important than picking the right weapon to use in Warzone is what optic you choose. This is because you need to be accurate to make sure you eliminate your enemies before they get you.

One of the biggest complaints about Cold War weapons in Warzone is about the scopes. All scopes with a zoom level higher than 2x used to be way too close to the player’s face and block out lots of the screen.

However, this has been changed in the new Warzone update and this is a huge win for Warzone players who want to be more accurate.


May 27 Warzone Update – Optic Changes

The full patch notes for the May 27 Warzone update note a number of different changes to optics on Cold War guns. The Visiontech 2x, Axial Arms 3x and Royal & Cross 4x have all been adjusted.

The update has changed how close players hold the sight of Cold War guns to their faces. This is to improve the long-range viability of Cold War assault rifles.

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Having the optic further away significantly reduces the visual recoil and makes it easier to concentrate on your target. Therefore, this optic update makes your weapons feel way more accurate in Warzone.

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We feel the impact that these changes will have cannot be understated. We believe optics have been holding back the long-range viability of BOCW Weapons and we expect that these optics adjustments will drastically change that. When optics are too close to the camera, they can cause distracting motions and visual obfuscation and in long-range engagements especially, visual clarity is crucial. We believe with these changes, that an expanded assortment of long-range viable weapons will become available.” 

Raven Software
Warzone Season 3

This optic update for Warzone will definitely push more Cold War guns into the meta. If you haven’t tried these guns yet, be sure to give them a go now:

To see the latest Warzone update’s optic changes in action, be sure to check out JGOD’s video below.

Meanwhile, players are still waiting for Verdansk ’84’s terrible lighting to be fixed. Luckily, Raven has said that the blinding lens flare effect will be toned down soon.

Finally, Activision is on a mission to stop toxicity in its game. Over 350,000 toxic Call of Duty players have been banned in the last year alone.

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