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Warzone Operation Monarch: How to Unlock All Hidden Rewards

Warzone Operation Monarch has Godzilla and Kong running around, Titan-themed skins, and even some hidden rewards for players to unlock.

Operation Monarch has landed in Caldera, and with it, plenty of new items and objectives for players to complete.

Players can even use Godzilla and Kong to help them defeat enemies. And if that isn’t enough to get you to try the limited-time event, you might want to stop and try to uncover all the hidden rewards.

Here’s how you can do it.

Have you found the hidden Operation Monarch story in Caldera? You’ll need to locate all the Telegram Machines to find out more about Godzilla and Kong on the island!

Kong Warzone Operation Monarch

How to Unlock Warzone Operation Monarch Hidden Rewards – Godzilla vs. Kong

Warzone Operation Monarch has a total of 8 hidden rewards for players to unlock during the limited-time event.

Ulterior Covert discovered these rewards and has described possible ways to unlock them.

Here is the complete list of rewards and requirements:

  • Earn 3 Eliminations with the Flaming Throwing Knife: Reward – Unique Godzilla Calling Card
  • Drive an airplane or vehicle through the legs of Kong: Reward – Gravitational Phenomena Calling Card & Navy Air Weapon Charm
  • Land an airplane on Godzilla’s head: Reward – Grudge Match Calling Card
  • Deal Damage to Kong during Operation Monarch: Reward – Ants Among a King Calling Card
  • Subdue Kong during Titan Frenzy: Reward – TITAN S.C.R.E.A.M. Weapon Charm
  • Deal Damage to Godzilla during Operation Monarch: Reward – Island Guardian Spray
  • Subdue Godzilla during Titan Frenzy: Reward – Unique Title
  • Place Top 5 in Operation Monarch: Reward – Unique Title

Currently, Operation Monarch has a glitch that will not show you when you’ve unlocked a reward. This means there could be more rewards to unlock but with unknown challenges.

But there are also 8 Operation Monarch challenges in Warzone that, when completed, unlock the “Ancient Rivalry” Blueprint!

And if you want something more radioactive, then the Breath of Godzilla Blueprint is also available.

Couple these rewards and blueprints up with the Mechagodzilla Bundle, and you’ll have the best Operation Monarch Operator in Caldera.

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