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Warzone Operation Monarch: How to Control Godzilla and Kong

Warzone players will have the opportunity to control Gozilla and King Kong during the upcoming Operation Monarch limited-time event.

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3 has brought many changes to the Warzone meta and the island of Caldera.

We’ve known about the Operation Monarch event for a while now too, but with Season 3, players have been able to find multiple easter eggs that hint at the arrival of something big.

Including the ability to control Godzilla and King Kong.

Here’s everything we know about the Operation Monarch event coming to Warzone Season 3.

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Warzone Operation Monarch

How to Use Monarch Stream Device in Warzone Operation Monarch

Players will be able to control Godzilla and King Kong using the Monarch Stream Device in Warzone Operation Monarch.

Popular YouTuber WhosImmortal revealed this information from a call they held with Raven, the developer behind Call of Duty: Warzone.

Raven revealed plenty of details regarding the upcoming Warzone event, Operation Monarch, during the call. This included obtaining a Monarch Stream Device that would allow you to control Godzilla and King Kong.

Players will be able to obtain the Monarch Stream Device in various ways.

There will be a meter that players can fill by performing contracts, looting, and defeating other players.

As players fill this meter, they will receive different bonuses to help them defeat other players. Once the meter is filled, they will receive a Monarch Stream Device.

Furthermore, Players will also be able to obtain a Monarch Stream Device by completing the Titan Frenzy Public Event.

Players with the Monarch Stream Device will be able to use it as a kill streak and invoke either King Kong’s physical prowess or Godzilla’s Atomic Breath.

King Kong will pound the ground, and throw bolders to enemy players. Godzilla will use its Atomic Breath to clear out the area and leave behind a trail of fire.

Raven also revealed that King Kong and Godzilla will passively patrol the island as players fight to survive. Thankfully, they will only attack when provoked.

Players will be able to take part of the Operation Monarch event this upcoming week!

You can watch the full break down of the call here:

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