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Warzone Operation Monarch Godzilla Skin Disappoints Players

Warzone Operation Monarch brought a Godzilla skin with very little King of Monsters energy and more of a disappointment for fans.

Warzone Season 3 is finally here, with its usual collaborations and surprises. The latest Warzone crossover brought Godzilla and Kong to Caldera.

This collaboration brought a bunch of interesting gameplay mechanics to Warzone. For instance, players can control Kong and Godzilla to help them in combat.

Aside from this gameplay interaction, Warzone Operation Monarch offers some cosmetics. As part of these offerings, three different skins are available.

Fans’ reactions to the Godzilla and Kong skins have not been precisely positive, to say the least.

Godzilla Warzone Skin Operation Monarch

Fans Complaint About Warzone Operation Monarch Gozilla Themed Skins

Some fans are complaining that the Warzone Operation Monarch Godzilla skin looks ugly, unfinished, or simply makes them walking targets for snipers or ranged combat.

Some fans are pretty straightforwardly complaining about the looks of the Godzilla Ghillie Shigenori Skin. It is a neon blue ghillie that certainly stands out.

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Aside from this, some players are concerned that this skin is way too visible from afar. Furthermore, many talked about how this is the opposite of what happened with the infamous Rose skin on Modern Warfare.

Frankly, this concern is justified. Notably, the skin is quite bright and easily visible from a distance, especially in Caldera.

Gamers’ Opinion on Warzone Godzilla Skin

Other gamers did not openly criticize the appearance of the Warzone Godzilla Ghillie Shigenori Skin but stated it was just lackluster.

Considering this, it seemed the opinion among gamers was pretty divisive. Some loved it, and some hated it, but there was rarely an in-between.

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Some gamers also pointed out there are problems with this skin. Players have already reported some visual glitches while equipping this skin.

For many other Warzone fans, the failure of the skin was a matter of expectations not being met. This gamer, in particular, wanted more than just a “mask.”

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Other players who preferred the original experience from the days of Verdansk voiced their disappointment.

Although, this sort of complaint is common whenever there is a crossover. Many players are not happy about Warzone’s meddlings with pop culture.

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Even though there were plenty of complaints, some gamers are happy with their new Gozilla skin on Warzone.

All in all, there were also plenty of happy gamers with this Godzilla Warzone skin crossover. Hopefully, a fix for any glitches using this skin will roll out soon!

If you are interested in more Godzilla x Warzone content, the Breath of Godzilla Blueprint has already landed in Warzone!

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