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Warzone Operation Monarch Date & Start Time – Godzilla vs Kong Event

Want to know exactly when you can drop into the upcoming Godzilla vs King Kong event? Here’s the date and start time for Operation Monarch in Warzone.

Godzilla and King Kong coming to Warzone is one of the biggest announcements that Call of Duty has ever made. The grand-scale event looks to dwarf everything that’s come before it where the Battle Royale is concerned.

The event is sure to bring back a lot of players to Activision’s BR, and it’s a great incentive for casual fans to hop in and experience the chaos too. Already, a number of massive Kong vs Godzilla Easter eggs are appearing in Warzone, helping to build the hype.

Warzone Season 3 Operation Monarch

On top of that, some of Warzone’s best-ever cosmetics will be releasing in the near future. But, as usual, some Warzone hackers have the Godzilla and Kong skins early.

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Warzone King Kong vs Godzilla – Operation Monarch Start Time & Date

Activision is reporting that the Operation Monarch event, featuring Godzilla and King Kong, will begin on May 11, 2022.

As for the event’s start time, while that hasn’t currently been announced, we can definitely predict when it will kick off. Operation Monarch is expected to go live at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 5 PM BST, as is the case with most major Warzone updates.

You’ll want to prepare for the upcoming event early, before all hell breaks loose on Caldera!

Check out the season’s best loadouts below, to keep up with the other players during the fight:

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