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Warzone Operation Monarch: All Telegram Machines Locations + Map

To get all the lore behind Warzone Operation Monarch, you will need all the Telegram Machines scattered in Caldera!

Warzone Pacific Season 3 is finally here! One of the highlights of this Warzone season is the Godzilla vs Kong crossover.

The event launched today, and thus far, gamers have criticized the event. In particular, many fans complained Kong and Godzilla do not fight at all.

This argument is understandable, as the trailers promoting the event hinted that both Kong and Godzilla would interact in some form.

On the other hand, many gamers are happy with the even and discovering every secret it offers.

If you are on that side and want to discover all the lore in Warzone Operation Monarch, here are all the locations for the Telegram machines!

Kong vs Godzilla Warzone Operation Monarch

Where to Find All Telegram Machines in Warzone Operation Monarch?

The Telegram Machines in the Warzone Operation Monarch event reveal more lore about the event. There are a total of five of these machines scattered all across Caldera.

Unfortunately, collecting all these Telegram Machines does not grant a reward.

However, if you are a completionist, the lore you can obtain through these collectibles is necessary to understand this event entirely.

Here are the locations of all five Telegram Machines in Warzone Operation Monarch event:

  • First Telegram Machine – South of the Capital POI
  • Second Telegram Machine – Wester area of the Lagoon POI
  • Third Telegram Machine – South of the Mines POI
  • Fourth Telegram Machine – In the Beachhead POI
  • Fifth Telegram Machine – In the Arsenal POI

There are plenty of things to do during this Kong vs Godzilla Warzone event! Here are some helpful guides to get the most out of this event:

Each of these machines provides a different recording. Collecting all of them will give you a better picture of this event’s lore.

Content creator Geeky Pastimes kindly shared the following map with the locations of each Telegram Machine in Warzone Operation Monarch.

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Lastly, if you are interested in a new cool Blueprint, here is everything you need to know about the Breath of Godzilla Blueprint!

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