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Warzone’s Overpowered Melee Needs A Huge Nerf, Say Fans

Melee attacks in Warzone are way too powerful and should be nerfed!

Warzone is a game of guns and players are always looking for the best weapon to put in their loadouts. However, what is causing the most uproar at the moment is actually when players have no weapon.

Why is having no gun better than wielding a pistol and should Raven Software nerf melee in Warzone?

Warzone Finishing Move

Warzone Unarmed Melee Needs To Be Nerfed

While it is not a new complaint, many players are once again asking Warzone developer Raven Software to nerf melee.

The melee weapons, like the Kali Sticks or Combat Knife, are high-risk, high-reward weapons that are fine the way they are. However, many players take issue with how unarmed melee does loads of damage in the game.

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You can kill a player with just your fists in two hits! This is a major problem in a couple of scenarios.

Firstly, when players land, they start with a 1911 – a fairly weak pistol with a capacity of just 8 shots. This means that many players rely on unarmed melee because it actually kills quicker than a pistol.

Dropping in on an enemy and punching them to death can still work even against a player with a good gun too, as long as you take them by surprise. The video below shows a Warzone player with an FFAR getting killed easily by someone using unarmed melee.

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Secondly, when players have sniper rifles in the new Standoff Gulag, it’s much easier to kill your opponent with melee rather than using the sniper rifle with a high zoom scope.

This is just one of the many reasons why Warzone players hate the new Gulag.

Would you like to see unarmed melee get a nerf in Warzone? Let’s hope developer Raven Software makes this change in a future update.

Warzone Verdansk '84 Gulag

Meanwhile, many players hate the terrible visibility in Verdansk ’84. Luckily, Raven Software will be fixing Warzone’s lens flare soon.

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