Warzone players are still being killed by one-hit melee attacks – a glitch that has been around for years!

Anyone who has played Warzone will know that the game is all about guns. However, if you’re in a pinch, you can also do a melee attack to take down your enemies.

While they have always been quite effective, especially if your weapon is out of ammo, it should take three punches to down a fully plated enemy with melee. Even this is too quick for the liking of some Warzone fans!

Unfortunately, there are still plenty of instances where Warzone players are getting killed in just one punch!

One Hit Melee Is Still a Problem in 2024

A clip shared on the Warzone subreddit shows a fully-plated player getting knocked down with just one melee hit in Warzone. This gave the player no time to react, as they were dropped instantly!

The cause of this glitch has not been confirmed. However, it has been happening ever since Warzone launched back in 2020!

Fans in the replies suggest that it could be to do with a ‘critical melee attack’ that was in the first few months of Warzone. However, the Warzone developers have supposedly fixed this glitch a number of times.

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Another sarcastic reply suggests that this is merely “skill-based damage”.

This would presumably go alongside the almost universally disliked skill-based matchmaking system, which sorts players into lobbies of others with similar ability. Don’t worry though – there’s no evidence to suggest this is real!

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Hopefully, developer Raven Software will look into this one-hit melee glitch in Warzone soon and finally fix it once and for all. Until then, it may be best to keep your distance to avoid dying to just one pistol whip!

Since the time of writing, Raven Software has confirmed that it is looking into the one-hit melee glitch.
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