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Warzone NVIDIA DLSS Accuracy Fix Coming Soon, Developer Confirms

Warzone recently got NVIDIA DLSS support in Season 3, but it needs a major fix to its accuracy.

In case you missed it, Warzone recently got a lot better for those on high-end PCs. With NVIDIA DLSS support, players are able to see the game like never before and get some increased frames to boot.

NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Super Sampling aims to increase graphical performance and boost frame rates simultaneously. When DLSS came to Warzone in Season 3, many players could enjoy an incredible improvement in their overall experience.

However, it didn’t take long for an issue to begin to pop up. A strange Warzone glitch with NVIDIA DLSS causes a major aim problem, and it’s been like this all season.

Warzone New POI Nakatomi Plaza
(Source: Activision)

Although the issue only affects those on 20 or 30 series NVIDIA graphics cards using DLSS, Raven Software is finally taking notice.

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Warzone NVIDIA DLSS Fix – Season 3

If you’re an NVIDIA DLSS fan, make sure you have it off in Warzone Season 3. That said, a fix is on the way in a future update.

After 5 weeks of issues, Raven Software finally confirms that a fix is coming to NVIDIA DLSS in Warzone. Right now, firing with certain optics leads to inaccurate bullet placement when the feature is turned on.

Even when you’re using some of Warzone’s best buffed optics in Season 3 Reloaded, your aim may never be as accurate as you believe!

Since aiming is one of the most crucial aspects of Warzone, many NVIDIA fans have been forced to turn DLSS off for the time being. Thankfully, it looks like help is on the way.

(Source: Activision)

According to a new tweet by Raven Software, a long-awaited fix for NVIDIA DLSS in Warzone is coming soon. Both NVIDIA and Call of Duty development team Beenox are hard at work on a fix.

Right now, we don’t know when DLSS will get its fix in Warzone, but Raven Software cites an upcoming patch as being on the way.

That’s not all we hope gets a fix either, as Warzone players are demanding major ground loot changes in the next update. Some Twitter users are also quick to point out that Warzone’s live ping system is completely broken in its current state.

But the biggest issue in Warzone right now is the huge spike in cheaters in the battle royale. Although Activision reports that over 350,000 Call of Duty players have been banned in the last year, there’s always more to be done.

If you hadn’t seen already, a new Warzone update recently went live. Here’s everything you need to know about Warzone’s May 27 update!

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