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Warzone Nuke Finally Drops in The Destruction of Verdank Part 1 Event

The long-awaited Warzone Nuke event is finally here, and players won’t be disappointed when it comes to the Destruction of Verdansk.

In case you missed it, today is the day that the Warzone Nuke finally drops, and what a spectacular show it is. The battle royale’s map has been active for more than a year and now the bomb has finally dropped.

However, before we head into the event’s second part, it’s definitely worth discussing what went on in The Destruction of Verdansk Part 1. Because there was more than just a Nuke waiting for us inside Warzone in this live event.

As it turns out, the leaked Warzone Plague Mode was ready to go after all, pitting players against the undead hordes. But with a slim chance at survival, many gamers fell victim to the zombies in no time.

warzone verdansk nuke
(Source: Activision)

However, some would say that the greatest challenge in Warzone’s Nuke event was simply getting the servers to let you online…

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Warzone The Destruction of Verdansk Part 1 Nuke Drop

Once the Warzone servers finally let us online, we were able to witness The Destruction of Verdansk Nuke in all its glory. But first, we had the undead to deal with.

Players drop into Verdansk with one objective: Survive. Out in the Warzone, other players, environmental hazards, and even zombies are out to get you.

When a player dies in Verdansk, they immediately respawn as a zombie and are tasked with taking down other players. There’s no need to worry about your loadout however, all soldiers will be relying on shotguns and other close-range tools to survive Verdansk’s final hours.

warzone verdansk nuke missile
(Source: Activision)

Juggernaut drops begin to spawn around the map, allowing players a higher chance of survival. However, getting to the drop is a difficult move, what with the powerful Warzone zombies disorientating you with devastating abilities.

In the final moments of the match, zombies outnumber players massively. In some matches we played, around 140 zombies are rushing the final Operators as they attempt to board the exfil choppers.

And as the time runs out, it’s the end of the line for Verdansk…

Watch the Warzone Nuke Destroy Verdansk

Initially, Warzone players didn’t care at all about the zombie containment levels. And it’s hard to blame them, given how slowly the undead moved around the map.

But now, the undead army really came out in full force, and it was a truly epic end for the iconic map.

What’s next for Warzone now then? Well, The Destruction of Verdansk Part 2’s start time isn’t far away!

Don’t miss out on an exclusive Containment Protocol Calling Card for completing the event:

Let’s just hope that more players can make it online by then. After that, we’re likely heading to the new Warzone 1980s map which had new images leak online today!

Here’s what’s different in the new 1980s Verdansk map! Fans of the original Black Ops title will be happy to hear that Summit is even coming back in the new variant.

Meanwhile a HUGE Warzone Season 3 leak just revealed every new skin, Blueprint, battle pass unlock and more!

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Thursday 22nd of April 2021

I wasn't even able to play this because I had to go to work.