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Warzone Nuke Live Event Time & Date Announced in Season 3 Teaser

Warzone players have finally found out the exact time nuke event is happening – and its very soon!

Almost everyone knows that a nuke is dropping on Verdansk soon. It’s the worst-kept secret in Warzone.

However, it looks like it will be an in-game live event, so it’s extra important to not miss it. Luckily, the new Warzone Season 3 teaser trailer has revealed 4 times which could all be significant in the upcoming nuke live event.

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Warzone Nuke To Start Season 3?

Huge leaks about the Warzone nuke event show that it will happen in more than one part. However, the new teaser trailer showing off all of the content coming in Season 3 gives players a glimpse of four different times on a computer screen.

A hint from the Warzone developer already revealed the time for the first part of the nuke event, but players were surprised when they saw 4 different times. This most likely means that the event will play out in a number of parts.

This would also make perfect sense considering that the early patch notes for Warzone Season 3 tell players to “clear your schedule for the week and ready yourself for a crescendo of utter chaos within the Warzone.”

Also, if you’re thinking of playing Warzone today, you might be out of luck. The Warzone servers are shutting down to prepare for the nuke event.


All Warzone Nuke Event Times

The times in the Warzone nuke teaser (in PST) are as follows:

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  • April 21: 12PM – 2PM
  • April 21:- 2PM – 9PM
  • April 21-22: 9PM – 12PM
  • April 22: 12PM – 1PM

Therefore, make sure to clear your schedule for those times if you can because we don’t know what will be happening in each part. This will be the biggest event Warzone has ever seen and might include the exciting leaked Plague mode where you defend Verdansk from zombies!

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The nuke event will then lead into Season 3 of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. Check out our Season 3 countdown with all the handy info like update file size and release date.

Hopefully, the Warzone nuke event will lead to the leaked 1980s Verdansk map. This would be a huge change for Warzone.

Finally, will these be the meta weapons in Warzone season 3?

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