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Warzone Nuke Event Teases Have Been in the Battle Royale From Launch

Warzone has a long-rumored Nuke event just around the corner, but the battle royale has been teasing this from Day One.

Ever since Warzone released, almost one year ago to the day, there have been rumors of an incoming Nuke.

With nuclear warheads being a big part of the Modern Warfare Warzone storyline, many believed the narrative would end in disaster. However, Captain Price and his team did manage to save the say and detonation was averted.


However, Verdansk is far from safe from the incoming nuclear threat. And it looks like we’ll be moving to a new Warzone map very soon.

In case you missed it, learn more about the incoming Warzone Nuke event here!

Warzone Voice Lines Reveals New Details About Nuke Event

Now, players are discovering new details about the upcoming Warzone Nuke event, thanks to a series of datamined voice lines.

Interestingly, it appears that a great deal of these lines have been in Warzone from Day One. Back when the game first released in March 2020, it didn’t take long for players to discover references to incoming Nukes.

Now these clues are beginning to make sense, and they might be teasing what’s to come in the upcoming event.

warzone nuke event incoming

On March 12, 2020 leaker ModernWarzone revealed in-game dialogue regarding an incoming Nuke. In the exchange, it appears that players were given a 5-minute warning to evacuate the battle royale before the device blows up.

Now we’re getting even more details about what’s to come as the Nukes begin to drop. It looks as though players will be able to fail to extract in time, causing them to fight desperately to survive.

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We already know what Verdansk will look like after the Nuke hits, and things aren’t pretty. Perhaps we’ll be returning to the area after the explosion wipes out the map we know and love.

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Players are speculating that a Nuke will take care of a Zombie invasion which is already beginning in Warzone. Therefore, the “fight for your life” voice line may well not be referring to enemy players after all.

UPDATE: More details about the Zombie-based Warzone Plague game mode are dropping here!

Right now, players are praying that the new map is worth blowing up Verdansk over. But Activision’s primary concern should be about fixing the game, as Warzone cheaters and glitches are stopping players from having fun.

Warzone players hate the battle royale’s newest game mode, and that doesn’t bode well for the future. Hopefully, the combined Raven Software and Treyarch team is able to turn things around soon.

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