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Warzone Nuke Event Date & Time Revealed By New Teaser

A new Warzone teaser has finally revealed the date and time for the nuke event, and it’s coming very soon!

Live events have become a staple of the battle royale genre. However, Warzone players have been waiting for what seems like forever for one.

The long-rumored nuke event has apparently been teased ever since Warzone was released, yet there has been no sign of it ever happening, until very recently. Although, this new hint has revealed exactly when it is happening, and it involves the zombies taking over Dam!

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Warzone Zombies Move to Dam

Players already knew that the zombies in Warzone were going to Dam, thanks to a huge in-game accident last week. However, Raven Software has confirmed this by sending influencers a new teaser.

Warzone content creators had recently been sent teaser items like a hospital gown to show where the zombies in Warzone were headed next. They have now received a Verdansk Dam helmet, alongside a very interesting message.

The message alongside this new teaser reveals exactly when the nuke will be dropping in Warzone.

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Warzone Nuke Event Date and Time

A leaker has already revealed the official name of the Warzone nuke event, alongside loads of other details. However, nobody knew the time and date until the content creators received the teaser.

The teaser message says:

“Once the hostiles reach here, we levee a guess that Verdansk is all but gone to the damned. April 21st 12PM.”

Therefore, we can assume that the Warzone nuke event will finally happen on April 21st at 12PM PDT.

If the zombies are bringing the end of Verdansk, then maybe the Dam could be destroyed like this theory suggests. This could also mean that the leaked Plague game mode with Zombies and a nuke could be coming very soon too.

Make sure to hop into Warzone on April 21st and see what the nuke event brings! It could even lead to the leaked new Warzone map set in a 1980s version of Verdansk.


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An in-game item has also confirmed that the nuke event is coming to Warzone soon. Check out the Verdansk Goes Boom calling card!

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