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Warzone Players Report No Sniper Scope Glint Bug Is Back in Season 4

One of Warzone’s biggest issues is back, as players report there’s no sniper scope glint on certain weapons again.

When you’re playing a large-scale battle royale like Warzone, snipers are something that you always need to watch out for. Thankfully, Activision has implemented a scope glint feature lately, allowing you to spot incoming fire from a distance.

If a sniper scope is aiming in their direction, players will be able to see a glinting spot of light, informing them of the shooter’s position. It’s not 100% realistic, but it’s the best solution to the issue of snipers often being one-shot kills, even in a battle royale game.

Warzone Sniper

Unfortunately, Warzone had an issue with sniper scope glint not appearing lately. And it’s clearly making certain snipers overpowered in-game, as players can ADS without giving away their positions.

The issue was once so bad that no scope glint sniper rifles were taking over Warzone. And now, it seems the issue is resurfacing.

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Are No Scope Glint Snipers Back in Warzone Season 4?

It appears that certain snipers may once again have no scope glint in Warzone Season 4.

According to reports from the game’s player base, Warzone’s broken sniper scope glint issue may be returning. In a new post to the CODWarzone subreddit, players discuss the issue:

“Twice now in the last 24 hours I’ve been killed by a sniper with the regular sniper scope and they 100% didn’t show a glint,” SLy_McGillicudy reports. “Wiped me and friend out of duos because of it. I thought they fixed that?”

Other players also report similar interactions with no scope glint sniper rifles in Warzone. One user even claims that Warzone’s most popular sniper rifle with a standard scope gives off no glint at present.

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In the past, we’ve seen certain sniper scopes allow players to avoid glint in Warzone, but Raven Software should now have fixed all broken attachments. Whether a change has been made to the sniper scopes once again, or if we’re simply dealing with a new bug, remains to be seen.

Warzone No Sniper Scope Glint
(Source: Activision)

Speaking of new bugs, some of Warzone’s new Red Doors are now completely useless. And there’s a big problem with Warzone’s Season 4 Hijacked Gulag too.

The sniper scope issue must have been around for some time too, as this post from 2 weeks back reports similar issues. There’s even a clip that shows off the complete lack of scope glint from an enemy sniper.

Let’s just hope that the issue is gone for good by the time that Call of Duty Vanguard launches later this year. After all, new leaks indicate that Warzone’s WW2 map is significantly larger than Verdansk, and snipers could end up being even more overpowered as a result.

And, on the topic of snipers, popular content creator NICKMERCS is revealing how to avoid stream snipers in Warzone. It’s not an issue that many of us have to deal with, but if you’re a streamer too we recommend taking a look!

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