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Warzone No Glint Sniper Rifles Are Taking Over Verdansk

Warzone has a new major issue for fans to deal with, as no glint sniper rifles begin to take over Verdansk.

Despite Warzone’s immense popularity, the battle royale game has more issues than most other AAA titles. In fact, it seems that there’s a new issue in-game with every new update.

What’s more, the Warzone meta isn’t always the most fun thing to deal with. At certain times, like when the overpowered DMR was ruining Warzone, the game becomes basically unplayable.

warzone no glint snipers
(Source: Activision)

Recently, Warzone finally nerfed the AUG to everyone’s delight. But with every good change, Raven Software tends to introduce a new issue to the game too.

And now, thanks to an abundance of no glint sniper rifles, Warzone is once again driving away its fans.

Warzone No Glint Snipers Ruin the Battle Royale

Warzone snipers are so powerful in the wide-open map that players are given warning about their location through a scope glint. However, a new bug is letting players get rid of this glint, and hide their snipers from sight completely.

In case you hadn’t noticed, Warzone’s sniping currently has a major flaw – a lack of scope glint. Now, you can spot an enemy in the distance and immediately be downed, as unbeknownst to you, they were aiming a powerful weapon in your direction.

warzone no glint sniper rifle
(Source: Activision)

Reddit user Llama_extinction reveals that they’ve “never been sniped so many times” as they have playing recently.

“You literally have to peek everyone like they have a sniper. No glint makes you think you can challenge the shooter until you are instantly down from his kar98. If it’s not one thing it’s another with this game.”

Want to even the odds? Here’s how to get no sniper glint on your own weapons in Warzone!

Fans are also criticizing the difference in magnification between Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare weaponry. After all, the 3X scope on Warzone’s new most overpowered weapon is almost as good as that of a Modern Warfare sniper rifle.

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How to Beat No Glint Sniper Rifles in Warzone

Right now, the only real way to beat no glint sniper rifles in Warzone is to run the High Alert perk. With this Perk equipped, players will get an alert when someone has you in their sights.

Other than that, you’ll simply need to get Warzone’s best Season 2 sniper loadout to make sure you stand a chance in the long-range meta.

“Don’t worry,” Reddit user FormedBoredom jokes. “Raven will “fix” it in a month or so and probably re-introduce the stim glitch for the 100th time while doing so.”

Warzone Sniper
(Source: Activision)

It’s true that Raven Software is notorious for letting the Infinite Stim glitch reappear in Warzone every few weeks.

Right now, Warzone is finally announcing it’s Verdansk Nuke event in-game! And with all of the new Warzone Season 3 weapons leaking early, it can’t be long until we see big changes to the battle royale.

We also have new POIs leaking for the upcoming 1980s Verdansk map. However, controversial new reports indicate that a new Warzone map may not come until Season 4!

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