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Warzone Ninjas Are Camping in Trees for Easy Kills

This sneaky Warzone player has been getting easy kills by camping in trees and jumping down on unsuspecting enemies.

Camping is a very controversial topic in multiplayer games. Some players see it as a perfectly viable way to win, while others absolutely hate the tactic.

Campers hide in the most difficult to see spots to get cheap and easy kills. However, this Warzone player has taken camping to the next level by hiding up a tree to get easy kills.

No matter what you think about camping, it’s definitely not on the same level as actual cheaters. Players have been using an invisibility glitch to get easy wins and kills.

Tree Camping for Easy Kills in Warzone

This stealthy player has worked out the perfect tree to camp in to get easy kills in Warzone. A tree in the East of Promenade, next to the library is the perfect spot.

Warzone player TMorgue22 located this tree and easily jumped into it from a nearby roof. Then he hopped down from his camping spot to easily kill unaware Warzone players.

As if being killed by someone jumping out of a tree wasn’t embarrassing enough, Tmorgue22 executed the players. They’ll definitely look up to check those trees next time.

This stealthy takedown spot would also be a great hiding place. Campers could hop into this tree and stay in it for most of the game, providing the tree is in the circle.

This also raises the question about what other trees Warzone players can camp in to get easy kills. Expect more stealthy spots to be uncovered soon.

tmorgue22 Reddit

No matter how sneaky Tmorgue22 was, you can’t help but think that the players should have heard him coming. Although, Dr Disrespect has slammed Warzone’s footstep audio and said the game should learn from Escape From Tarkov.

Somehow, this tree camper isn’t even the most ridiculous clip you’ll see today. This player got the luckiest Warzone victory ever after winning while he was being executed.

Meanwhile, a Warzone player has been using a musical instrument to play the game. Find out how this streamer uses a recorder to get Gulag wins.

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