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Warzone Streamer NICKMERCS Responds to Cheating Allegations

Warzone has a new method to bypass SBMM, and it’s causing popular streamer NICKMERCS to receive quite a few cheating accusations.

When you’re a popular streamer, there will always be some people that want to take you down. Whether that’s by discrediting your achievements or even literally stream-sniping your lobbies, you’ve always got to watch your back.

Recently, a new way to check out your Warzone SBMM went viral. With the help of a new website, players can see their own KD and win percentage, as well as the SBMM of their most recent lobbies.

NICKMERCS responds to cheating allegations

Combine this with the Warzone Companion App that allows players to cheat by giving them an early look at their lobby, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

Now, these new features could easily ruin Warzone tournament play, but there are some that suspect popular streamers to be taking advantage of the method for better gameplay. NICKMERCS has seen his fair share of cheating allegations in recent weeks, and the Warzone pro has had enough.

Is NICKMERCS Cheating in Warzone?

In a new upload, NICKMERCS responds to the many allegations of cheating in Warzone that he’s receiving. When looking at SBMMWarzone‘s ranking system, players can see that some of NICKMERCS’ lobbies are rated lower than you’d expect.

People were quick to accuse the user of foul play, but it seems that the popular streamer reached out to the site’s owners for a word. And the truth he discovered may have discredited the page completely.

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According to NICKMERCS, SBMMWarzone uses the Median, rather than the Mean when calculating averages. What this means is that the site isn’t using all players’ K/D averages as expected when calculating the lobby’s official K/D.

NICKMERCS isn't Cheating in Warzone

Instead, the system is lining up all the K/Ds from largest to smallest and picking the one directly in the center. With that in mind, NICKMERCS’ lobbies could have players with massive K/Ds in them too, but a Median average would exclude these figures completely in favor of grabbing the center point.

The Twitch streamer even proves that one of his ‘Diamond 2’ lobbies on the site has a lower Top 10% K/D than a supposed ‘Gold 4′ lobby. And between the two lobbies’ average K/Ds, there was only a difference of 0.04.

And with 8 ranks between Gold 4 and Diamond 2, this evidence appears to discredit the site’s impact completely.

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NICKMERCS’ Response to Cheating Allegations

With these new details in mind, the streamer addresses his audience and those who would label him a cheater:

“I don’t cheat,” NICKMERCS states in his opening message. “And I don’t like people tweeting me, telling me I’m cheating either. I don’t do that sh*t. I don’t reverse boost, I don’t hack, I don’t Cronus.”

The Warzone streamer suggests that SBMMWarzone still has a lot of work to do before it’ll be ready. Eventually though, NICKMERCS is sure that the system will be out of Beta, and detecting actual cheaters much easier.

However, for now, the pro-gamer suggests that 99% of the players tweeting at him “wouldn’t last 12 seconds in my lobby, I can guarantee you that.”

“Before you come after me, you’d better make sure you come with the facts.”

There is an abundance of cheaters to be found in Warzone, however. In fact, NICKMERCS himself claims that Warzone is dying due to a hacker infestation.

And that’s just one of Warzone’s biggest issues right now. Thanks to a new addition to the in-game store, Warzone is now 100% Pay to Win.

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