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Warzone Next-Gen Patch For PS5 & Xbox Series X Coming Soon?

It looks like a next-gen version of Warzone for PS5 and Xbox Series X could arrive soon.

Warzone players on PS5 and Xbox Series X have been asking for a next-gen version of the game for ages now. While they can all play Warzone via backwards compatibility, this is a major disappointment for some.

The PS5 and Xbox Series X are much more powerful than their predecessors and would be able to play Warzone at a much higher frame rate. This would be huge for console gamers as every extra frame is integral in FPS games, because it lets you react quicker.

Finally, it looks like a proper next-gen version of Warzone could be coming soon.

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1984 verdansk map

Warzone Next-Gen Update Announced

While many Warzone players were busy playing the huge new Destruction of Verdansk event Part 2 and exploring all of the new POIs in the Verdansk ’84 map, a pretty big announcement was made. It involves the next-gen version of Warzone.

Creative Director at Warzone developer Raven Software Amos Hodge has confirmed that a next-gen patch for Warzone is currently in the works. This patch will include features that make the most of the power of the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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Warzone Cosmetic

This includes SSD support to allow for faster loading times and 120Hz support. This will allow games to be played at 120fps on compatible monitors.

Just make sure you know how to enable 120fps on PS5 & turn on 120Hz settings first.

Hodge revealed this information to CharlieIntel. He also said that Raven Software has a “dedicated technology team” which is currently making the next-gen patch for Warzone.

This task involves updating the engine and technology within the game to work on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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Raven has given no time frame for the next-gen Warzone patch. However, fans will be hoping it is sooner rather than later.

the destruction of verdansk new map event

Meanwhile, Warzone now has a new Gulag based on a classic COD map. This is a huge improvement!

Also, Warzone guns tester JGOD has revealed what he thinks will be the meta weapons in Warzone Season 3.

Finally, even if a next-gen patch for Warzone could be coming soon, it looks like the next COD game could release on PS4 and Xbox One too. In fact, old-generation consoles could severely hold back COD WWII Vanguard.

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