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Warzone “New Threats” Week 8 Intel Mission Locations

As Warzone’s Intel Missions continue into week 8, players gear up to take on “New Threats”. With each Warzone match played, Call of Duty fans can complete a new intel piece.

To start off, players will set to track down a mysterious location by Ghost. Thankfully, we’ve got the location of each intel mission, so you don’t have to work so hard.

Once you track down each piece of hidden intel, you can leave the game immediately to drop in again. Be sure to check your mission log to check that your goals are completing, and to look at the next clue left for you.

1: Find the location in the message Ghost sent you

Find the location in the message Ghost sent you (Warzone Week 8 Intel)

The first intel objective shows off a picture of a farmstead. There’s not a lot to go on here, players simply have to track down the site.

Verdansk doesn’t boast a great deal of farmland however, and this will be an easy find. Just east from the Stadium, players can find the farmstead and its intel location near a hay bale.

2: ARM 3-1 left intel at a camp site

ARM 3-1 left intel at a camp site (Warzone Week 8 Intel)

Again, this clue is a little confusing but it’s actually a very simple task. The note reads: “3-1 left us something. Campsite east of stadium.”

To find it, we’re actually heading north-east from the stadium, and up the hill found here. Once you’ve got eyes on the campsite, the intel is in the form of a bag just behind the green folding chair.

3: Z and Perseus wanted more power

Z and Perseus wanted more power (Warzone Week 8 Intel)

Next up is a picture of Z and Perseus, and the indication that the duo were searching for more power. We know from the intel that Cold War villain Perseus was seen at the Vedansk dam, so that’s where we’re headed.

Inside a building by the dam, players can find a desk with a series of bullet casings and some papers. The intel can be grabbed from the papers on the table.

4: A sketch could provide a monumental clue

A sketch could provide a monumental clue (Warzone Week 8 Intel)

This next piece of intel is the most confusing one yet. All we’re given is the title “A sketch could provide a monumental clue” and a poor drawing of the next location.

Thankfully, from the title, we can gather that picture depicts the monument that is near Bunker 10. This is at the very south of the map, and the intel is on the monument’s golden date plaque, right at the front.

5: Find the source of back-up power

warzone new threats intel 5

To complete this next task, players must “Disrupt the satellite array.” Despite the message stating that an EMP must be used, there’s nothing special that needs to be done here.

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The intel lies in a small building, right next to Bunker 10. Take a look at the TV in the room and you’ll see ‘Collect Intel’ pop up.

6: Power is being re-routed from a nearby bunker

warzone new threats intel 6

The 6th and final objective is once again at Bunker 10. This time, head south-east from your last position as we’re going into the actual bunker itself.

Head into the bunker and down the hallway until you get to the locked door. Enter the code 60274513.

Run through the loot-filled bunker until you get to the infamous nuke and the row of computers to the left of it. These monitors are your final piece of intel.

Back in the main menu, the intel challenge will be completed, with the ominous phrase: “A threat revealed.”

This appears to refer to the nuke we just found under Bunker 10, and is a likely tie-in with the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. What the new CoD’s release means for Warzone, we don’t yet know, but we’re excited to see how the two games tie together.

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