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Warzone New Map Release Date Revealed & Verdansk Nuke Confirmed?

A reliable source has possibly revealed the release date for the new Warzone map, alongside the rumored Verdansk nuke event.

Some fans were disappointed to find out that Warzone Season 2 wouldn’t feature a new map. However, if this source is to be believed then Warzone players might not have to wait too much longer for a new map.

Verdansk dam

Warzone New Map Release Date

Season 2 introduced a whole load of new content, but not a new map. Find out everything added in Warzone Season 2.

Reliable source VGC has reported that the end of Season 2 will see a huge shift in Warzone. It also claims to know the release date of the new Warzone map.

Firstly, it will introduce a whole new map into the game. This will be complete with an ’80s setting and have locations based around the Black Ops series.

This has been rumored to be set in the Ural Mountains for a while now. Find out everything we know about the Warzone Ural Mountains map so far.


It says that the new map will coincide with the release of Warzone Season 3. This would make sense as Warzone always wants to start the new seasons with a huge content update.

Warzone Season 3 should begin on April 22. Therefore, players still have a while to wait for the new map though.

Also, VGC suggests that the current map Verdansk may not make it to Season 3.

Verdansk Nuked in Season 2?

In addition to the release date for the new Warzone map, VGC also suggested that Verdansk will finally be nuked at the end of Season 2. This goes along with the recently leaked information that the destruction of Verdansk is coming soon.

Apparently, there will be an “explosive in-game event” to trigger the map change. This will most likely be to do with the new missile silos that have opened up in Verdansk in Season 2.

Use our handy map to find all of the new missile silo bunker locations in Warzone Season 2.

warzone explosion

You can read the whole article revealing the possible future of Warzone on VGC.

Meanwhile, Warzone’s new Shipwreck POI has a huge problem. This is probably because players want to get their hands on the elusive new Yellow Access Card that can give you amazing loot.

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Thursday 11th of March 2021

The Yellow card doesn't really give that great of loot. Fairly disappointing and not worth it, really.