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Everything We Know So Far About Warzone’s New Map

It's almost time for Call of Duty: Warzone to get a new map, and here's everything we know so far about what's coming.

Warzone has been tremendously successful since its launch in March 2020. With over 75 million players joining the fight, it's clear that Activision has got itself a winning product, but even the best games need some changes now and again.

After 9 months of the same map, despite slight updates now and again, players are starting to get bored. Therefore, the leaking of a new map coming to Warzone is big news for many fans.

Cold War Warzone

Here's everything we know about the new map leak and what it means for Call of Duty: Warzone.

Where is the New Warzone Map Set?

According to new leaks, the new Warzone map will be set on Rebirth Island, also known as Vozrozhdeniya. Fans of the original Black Ops title might remember that Rebirth Island was a major plot location in the storyline.

Rebirth Island was a Soviet base, established in 1948, serving as a secret bioweapons facility. At the time of the Cold War, the facility was developing the German biochemical weapon Nova 6, testing it on animals and humans alike.

Black Ops Rebirth Island
(Source: Treyarch)

Weaver and Hudson led a raid on the facility near the conclusion of the Black Ops story to rescue Nazi scientist Friedrich Steiner for interrogation. However, a brainwashed Alex Mason managed to assassinate the scientist before they were successful.

What Will Gameplay Be Like on the New Map?

By all accounts, Rebirth Island is far smaller than Verdansk, where players currently fight out the battle royale. This leads many users to believe that the game will consist of smaller player count matches.

The island contains no greenery and very little open space. Instead, the industrial area has plenty of close-knit buildings to explore.

We imagine that there will be a lot of close-range firefights to be had here, and the island is also noticeably flat. It'll certainly be nice to get some additional Warzone content, but we bet this isn't what many players were expecting.

Those who played Black Ops 4's Blackout battle royale are already drawing comparisons to the game's second map. Set in Alcatraz prison, the Blackout map did contain a very similar style of island to explore.

What's more, new file leaks suggest that locations from Alcatraz will be returning in Rebirth Island too. Perhaps this new Warzone map is drawing a lot of inspiration from its Blackout predecessor.

Of course, Rebirth Island will also be littered with Cold War-era weaponry. This means there's a new meta to explore, although the guns will likely be present alongside players' existing loadouts.

We'll have to wait for further announcements, and players should bear in mind that this leak is yet unconfirmed. With some major leakers getting in on the action, though, we'd say that this new location is very likely to be coming to Warzone soon.

When Will the New Warzone Map Release?

Warzone New Map Update
(Source: Activision)

We'd predict that the new Warzone Map will release on December 10, alongside Black Ops Cold War Season 1. This isn't the only thing we know about the new season, however.

In fact, major Black Ops Cold War Season 1 leaks are beginning to drop, making this an exciting period to be a CoD fan. There's even a new Cold War Zombies map with a Vietnam setting.

We'll have to wait to find out more when Treyarch officially announces the upcoming Warzone map. Incidentally, it appears that Rebirth Island may be dropping on the same day as Cyberpunk 2077's release.

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