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Warzone Players Find New Invisible Wraith Operator Skin Glitch

It looks like there is a brand-new invisible operator skin in Warzone just days after Raven Software fixed the last one!

Players in Warzone are always using any advantage they can to be the last squad standing. Unfortunately, this also means using exploits and glitches that are in the game.

Recently, players had been using the invisible Tier 100 Battle Pass skin in Warzone. This was frustrating and led to many more accusations that Warzone was ‘pay-to-win’.

Luckily though, developer Raven Software fixed this skin so that there would be no more invisible operators in Warzone. Or so we thought…

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Warzone Pacific

New Invisible Operator Skin in Warzone

Many players have quit Warzone altogether because of bugs and glitches and it looks like many more will be following them if this glitch is as bad as it seems.

Just days after a fix for the previous invisible skin went live, it appears as though another one has been found in-game.

Redditor u/andrewkbmx has shared a Warzone clip where he encounters an enemy who was completely invisible from the nack down. However, it isn’t the same Tier 100 Battle Pass skin like before.

This invisible skin, combined with the increasing number of hackers in Caldera and prevalent glitches made Warzone unplayable for a while. Therefore, let’s hope that the skin in question isn’t actually invisible and this was just a strange glitch.

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Warzone Wraith Invisible Skin Caldera

What is the New Invisible Wraith Skin?

It is not confirmed exactly what skin the invisible player had equipped. However, we can narrow it down to two different options.

It’s clear that the operator the invisible player is using is the operator Wraith. However, as the body is invisible, it is difficult to work out which Wraith skin it could be.

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Based on the color of her mask, it is either the default skin, Disruptor, or a green camo skin that can be unlocked by completing challenges called Groveyard.

Hopefully, this new invisible operator skin in Warzone was just a one-off issue. Otherwise, expect to encounter more invisible enemies using Wraith in Caldera very soon.

Somehow, this still isn’t the biggest issue in the game right now though. The Akimbo Double Barrel shotguns in Warzone are still way too powerful!

In more encouraging news, Warzone players are excited about an upcoming anime crossover. Call of Duty has teased a Warzone and Vanguard Crossover with Attack on Titan!

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