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Warzone New Bunker Locations Map – Season 2 Missile Silos Opened

Check out our handy map of the new Warzone bunker locations added in Season 2.

Warzone Season 2 has brought some big changes to Verdansk. Maybe the most exciting is the opening up of three new bunkers across the map.

There's a good chance you'll stumble upon them while playing Warzone, but if you want to seek them out, here are all of the new bunker locations in Warzone.

Warzone Sniper

New Bunker Locations in Warzone

Even better than the second set of Verdansk bunker doors opening, three new bunkers have opened up in Warzone. All of these new bunkers are located under one of the strange monuments dotted across the map.

These bunkers are even cooler than the old ones too. All of these new Warzone locations are in fact missile silos, which contain nukes.

These missiles could cause the rumored upcoming end of Verdansk event in Warzone.


Tavorsk Park Bunker

The first bunker is located to the South of Tavorsk Park. The monument on the Southen tip of Park has now moved so that players can drop into the missile silo below.

Novi Grazna Hills Bunker

Meanwhile, the second new bunker location in Warzone is just South-East of Novi Grazna Hills. It can be entered from the top of the hill, where the monument and buy station used to be.

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Military Base Bunker

The final new bunker in Warzone is in the hills next to Arklov Peak Military base. Players will be familiar with the location of this new Warzone bunker too as it also used to have a buy station.

Warzone Missile Silo Bunker Locations Map

Here is a handy map so you can find all of the bunker locations easily.

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