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Warzone: Nerf Coming to OP Radar Jammer on Rebirth Island

The Warzone Pacific devs confirmed that they are working on a fix for the new Radar Jammer. Players claimed that the new field upgrade is overpowered on Rebirth Island after Season 3 Reloaded

Warzone Pacific suffered a ton of changes with the arrival of Season 3 Reloaded, adding the new Serpentine Perk, weapon buffs and nerfs, and also the new Radar Jammer on the Battle Royale.

The Radar Jammer field upgrade can be found across Caldera and Rebirth Island maps, similar to Trophy systems. You can find the field upgrade in supply boxes or lying on the ground.

On the official patch notes, Raven Software stated:

  • New Field Upgrade “Radar Jammer
    • Players can deploy this Field Upgrade to scramble the Tac Map of enemy players and prevent airborne Killstreaks from being used in the localized area
    • Has an effective radius of 135 meters
    • Effect lasts for 45 seconds
    • Susceptible to being hacked by a player with Engineer Perk
    • Can be attached to vehicles to become mobile

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Radar Jammer Range on Rebirth Island

Radar Jammer Nerf for Rebirth Island

Many Warzone players have reported that the Radar Jammer blocks out a huge portion of the map when activated on Rebirth Island. This is due because the radius of the field upgrade is very high.

This is not a problem in Caldera but seems to be a problem in Rebirth Island, as it’s a much smaller map and the jammer covers a huge area.

This issue makes the minimap useless for the 45 seconds that it’s activated, and players can find the Radar Jammer very often.

The Radar Jammer is another item that will be nerfed in an upcoming patch. Recently, we already saw one of Warzone’s most overpowered items already got a big nerf.

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A known Call of Duty leaker ‘TheGhostOfHope‘ called on devs to tone down the radius of the Field Upgrade on Rebirth Island. And developers seem to acknowledge the issue, as they responded:

We expect Beenox along with Raven Software to fix this issue sooner than later, as many people call it game-breaking. However, the team still hasn’t provided more details about this patch.

In other news, don’t miss the new Warzone 2 map leaked, which will be bigger than Verdansk and Caldera!

And the popular Roze skin has also had a massive nerf in a recent update, much to fans’ approval!

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