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Warzone Needs to Follow Fortnite’s Lead With This One Feature

Despite Warzone and Fortnite being both being battle royales, the two games don’t have a lot in common. However, Warzone really needs to follow Fortnite’s lead with this one new feature.

Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the more recent battle royale games to enter the market. After the explosion of popularity that games like Fortnite brought to the genre, a lot of developers followed in Epic Games’ footsteps.

Now, we live in a world where these two battle royale games are branching out into incredibly different games. But there’s always room to learn from your competition.

Warzone Plunder
(Source: Activision)

Fortnite’s latest update contains a major feature that Call of Duty desperately needs to learn from. Although copying someone else’s work isn’t usually a good idea, we’d forgive Infinity Ward for doing it just this once.

According to a new tweet by Fortnite Status, the new patch for the popular title is decreasing its file size by over 60 GB. If Epic Games has found a way to do this with Fortnite, Warzone desperately needs to follow suit.

Over the months, Call of Duty: Warzone has been growing increasingly large. Although Infinity Ward is maintaining a massive game, with arguably more detail than Fortnite can offer, it’s becoming a big problem.

Fortnite vs Warzone: Battle of the File Size

Not only is the new Fortnite update cutting out 60 GB of waste from the game, it’s making improvements too. Fortnite Status reports that PC optimizations are allowing for future patches to be smaller downloads.

What’s more, the game will actually see shorter loading times in the new patch. These are all things that Warzone needs to follow Fortnite in doing.

In the past, Warzone has been known to take up almost a whole 256 GB SSD all by itself. As players all over the world prepare to get their hands on some new gaming hardware, Warzone will be taking up way too much of the PS5’s storage space.

When each update only seems to add to the game’s insane file size, it’s time for a step in the other direction. Finding a way to cut the game down to a more manageable size should be at the top of Infinity Ward’s priority list.

That is to say, it should maybe be second on that list, behind fixing the many bugs in the battle royale title.

The latest bug is meaning that Warzone players aren’t getting their Haunting of Verdansk Legendary weapon blueprint. With the game’s new Halloween update having just launched, Warzone just got even bigger than ever.

The file size is worth it, however, as Warzone players want Zombie Royale to be a permanent addition to the game. Infinity Ward just needs to cut some earlier content to keep this new mode and still decrease the necessary storage space.

In fairness, the developer recently allowed Modern Warfare players to uninstall content to save space. However, this was simply an update that meant users no longer had to keep Campaign or Spec Ops installed.

It should be pointed out that the new Fortnite update decreases the game’s file size without removing content. And that’s what Infinity Ward needs to aim for.