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Warzone Needs More Than Just a New Map, Claims Dr Disrespect

Warzone is set to get a new map very soon but Dr Disrespect isn't sure it's enough for the battle royale.

For months now, rumors of a new Warzone map have been circulating the internet. Now, it looks like we finally have more information about exactly when that might be coming.

Just the other day, we saw our first image of the new Warzone map, thanks to a viral leak. Now, fans are predicting that the upcoming expansion will arrive around the time of Season 3.

Dr Disrespect
(Source: Dr Disrespect)

But despite the long-awaited addition finally arriving, it seems that not everyone is happy with the change.

Want to know when the new Warzone map is coming? Here's the start date for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 3!

Warzone's New Map Isn't Enough for Dr Disrespect

Over the last year, Dr Disrespect has been one of Call of Duty: Warzone's biggest streamers. And now the Two-Time claims that Warzone getting a new map might not be enough to save it.

In a new stream, Dr Disrespect vented his thoughts on the state of Warzone at present.

"I hope they go they go a little bit further than just a new map too," the Doc stated. "Y'know, player mechanics, um maybe even design of the game if they improved it - something, I don't know!"

The popular YouTube streamer continued on to say that he doesn't know how long "just a new map" would last. And while he makes a good point, Warzone has now been active for a year with only a single major battle royale map.

Warzone Season 2
(Source: Activision)

Then again, even hardcore Warzone fans are getting bored of the game right now. If a game comes out and offers players a better alternative, we can see gamers making the jump to a new title.

Thankfully, it seems that Activision is making some much-needed changes to the battle royale in Season 2. A new leak recently revealed details about Warzone's new map's larger player count and more!

We hope this is enough to keep even the infamously irate Dr Disrespect happy with the state of Warzone.

Now we've even got Call of Duty 2021 being teased in-game, ahead of an official reveal. But with how poorly the Cold War Warzone implementation was handled, we're scared of what'll happen again soon.

There are even rumors of Warzone moving over to the Black Ops Cold War engine very soon.

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