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Warzone Needs Detailed Gunsmith To Reveal Weapon & Attachment Stats

This amazing gunsmith feature would make checking weapon stats in Warzone super simple!

There are over one hundred weapons now in Warzone, yet players still aren’t exactly sure of the stats. This means that players are reliant on content creators in the Warzone community to test weapons and attachments to find out how they work.

However, this highly requested feature would making the right gun setups much easier for everyone.


Warzone Needs Detailed Gunsmith Stats

It’s extremely difficult to measure weapon stats in Warzone at the moment. Players also have to keep up with all the weapon balancing changes that have happened recently too. For instance, Warzone’s best assault rifle has just been nerfed.

At the moment, the only way Warzone players can measure how powerful their weapons and attachments are is by comparing the bars you can see when selecting a weapon. This visualizes the stats, but it is not very precise and very difficult to compare weapons and attachments.

Also, some attachments have hidden stats too. These overpowered Warzone optics secretly reduce recoil.

However, Warzone player u/meanwhilejudy has come up with a very simple solution that would make comparing weapons stats very simple.


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It should be relatively easy for Warzone developer Raven Software to implement this as the developer obviously has all of the weapon stats. Additionally, this feature is already in Black Ops Cold war so it would be very simple to just copy this sort of menu with the stats to Warzone too.

This, alongside an operator favorite screen are the most requested Warzone features at the moment.

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Would you like to see this change? This would certainly make comparing Warzone weapon stats much simpler.

Meanwhile, Warzone could be getting the biggest bundle of all time which includes every battle pass item so far.

Also, there’s a new way to stay in the gas forever in Warzone. This unlimited gas mask glitch is ruining games.

Finally, Warzone could be coming to mobile soon, according to an Activision job listing.

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