The Season 1 Reloaded update for Warzone and MW3 Season 1 drops today and we’ve got everything you need to know here!

If you’re hungry for more Call of Duty content, the wait is finally almost over.

Season 1 Reloaded is bringing two new weapons to the game, alongside the return of Warzone’s Champion Quest, the return of The Boys and much more!

Season 1 Reloaded Release Time

Warzone & MW3 Season 1 Reloaded will officially release on Wednesday, January 17, 2024 at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 5 PM GMT.

The update will be live for all players in .

Here’s what time the update will go live in time zones around the globe:

Time ZoneRelease Time
NZT (New Zealand)6 AM (Jan 18)
AEDT (Australia)4 AM (Jan 18)
JST (Japan)2 AM (Jan 18)
CST (China)1 AM (Jan 18)
IST (India)10:30 PM (Jan 17)
CET (Europe)6 PM (Jan 17)
GMT (England)5 PM (Jan 17)
ET (US East)12 PM (Jan 17)
CT (US Central)11 AM (Jan 17)
MT (Mountain Standard Time)10 AM (Jan 17)
PT (US West)9 AM (Jan 17)

What to Expect

Both MW3 and Warzone are getting a lot of new content with Season 1 Reloaded. Here’s what to expect when the update goes live:

Two New Guns

The HRM-9 is a brand-new SMG that’s perfect for close-quarters combat, offering high mobility and devastating damage.

TAQ Evolvere and HRM-9 Guns in MW3 Seaosn 1 Reloaded

Alongside it comes the TAQ Evolvere, an extremely versatile LMG that allows players to build it for a variety of different playstyles.

The Boys Return

Amazon Prime’s popular series The Boys is back, as popular skins Homelander, Starlight, and Black Noir return to the COD Store.

What’s more, two new Operators, A-Train and Firecracker, will be available to purchase:

A-Train and Firecracker in MW3

In addition, MW3 will get a new Supe’d Up Mode, allowing Operators to use powers inspired by Vought’s iconic superheroes.

A Hefty Balance Patch

And perhaps the most important change coming to Warzone & MW3 Season 1 Reloaded is its weapon balance patch.

We’ve already got an idea of what guns need changing the most in the upcoming update, as the Call of Duty meta is in dire need of a few tweaks.

For Warzone

Weapon Cases & Covert Exfil

Weapon Cases will be returning from DMZ, giving players an objective to extract from Battle Royale games. Pick one up and you’ll be highlighted on the map for all players to see, but exfil successfully and you’ll unlock exclusive rewards in-game!

Weapon Case in Warzone

Initially, players were going to be able to call in a Covert Exfil – an extraction helicopter that was to be purchasable via Buy Stations – to make a quick escape.

However, Raven Software now reports that Covert Exfil will only be available in a dedicated mode and will not come to Battle Royale, after receiving negative fan feedback regarding the mechanic.

Champion’s Quest 2.0

The Champion’s Quest is back, and there’s a new way to unlock it!

Battle Royale players who pull off 5 consecutive wins, or dedicated players who achieve 30 Warzone Victories in a single season, will get access to the Champion’s Quest contract next game.

Champion's Domination in Warzone

Accept the contract and you’ll be tasked with collecting elemental cores and bringing them to a nuke casing, allowing you to attempt to end the Battle Royale with an atomic blast.

Earn your Champion’s Domination and you’ll even get a special new Operator skin!

Night Vision Gulag

Here’s a change that’s sure to be unpopular… If you thought the Gulag was dark before, now the lights are going out completely!

Night Vision Goggles in Call of Duty

In the Gulag, players will occasionally switch to their night vision goggles as they do battle in the 1v1 to decide who returns to the game.

For MW3

New Multiplayer Map

We’ve got a new Multiplayer map making its way into Season 1 Reloaded!

Rio Map MW3 Season 1 Reloaded

Rio is set in the vibrant and colorful Rio de Janeiro, offering an upscale shopping center and its surrounding area as a location for some close-quarters combat.

New Modes

Headquarters and Infected, two popular game modes from Call of Duty’s past, are making a welcome return in Season 1 Reloaded.

Meanwhile, a new take on a fan-favorite, Team Gunfight is joining the fun! In this remix of the popular 2v2 single-life mode, players will fight it out in teams of 6 on standard Multiplayer maps.

Team Gunfight in MW3 Screenshot

And, as previously mentioned, the Supe’d Up mode will allow players to use superhero powers featured in The Boys, including teleportation, laser vision, and a charge jump.

Ranked Play

And finally, Ranked Play is making its long-awaited arrival in Modern Warfare 3! Developed by Treyarch, this mode continues to offer fans a taste of competitive play.

MW3 Ranked Play Explained

Featuring the official maps, modes, and rulesets used by the Call of Duty League, Ranked Play will test players’ skills and allow them to move up (or down) the ranks, based on their performance.

Here’s our full breakdown of MW3 Ranked Play for more details!

For Zombies

Fans of MW3 Zombies don’t have much to look forward to in the new Season 1 Reloaded update but there is one new addition.

Dokkaebi in MW3 Zombies

A new Warlord, Dokkaebi, is arriving in Zaravan City. Battle your way to the Operator and take on her fleet of autonomous drones to earn yourself some new rewards!

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